Arrow: (S05E10) “Who are you?”

Review: I think I outgrew the show, because I’m still seeing more or less positive reviews about this season, yet I personally don’t see anything good about it …

The show had a smaller break and it took them some time to give us another episode, but they didn’t really build any anticipation the last time and this episode didn’t bring much to the table, either. They spoiled us in the trailer that Laurel wasn’t going to be herself (which made sense, anyway) … So the one thing that could have been interesting, was ruined for us.

Thank God that Laurel isn’t herself. I think the actress doesn’t play the villain good, but the good Laurel was too whiny and too “weak” to begin with, at least this villain is TRYING to be tougher …
Diggle is back in jail and that’s the only thing that I currently care about, because I love his character and I want him to make it at all cost. I hope the entire situation clears up as soon as possible.

The BRATVA throwbacks barely advanced anywhere, but we did meet the girl behind Oliver’s official Arrow training – Talia. She was probably the girl that screamed at the intruders at the end of the episode, right? I thought she is badass and that’s one character that they can make interesting, but they’ll probably ruin it. Just by showing her power by screaming, they ruined her a bit. Many characters seem to be tough because of stupid reasons (Darhk in the previous season with his sad, sad magic …), while the writers and the producers should be focusing on actually making the characters badass. But … What do I know, right?

All in all, it’s a pretty mediocre episode, in my opinion.