Star: (S01E05) “New Voices”

Who killed Otis? No one is admitting to the deed; yet it may be too soon for this revelation.  Ah, the suspense.  Yet the police find the car rental and contact his wife as the preliminaries of the investigation begins.

Tonight the girls are on a photo shoot as they prepare for another competition. When Alexandria is asked to “powder up” after each take, she realizes the cameraman has challenges with dark, light and shadows (skin) causing friction between Alexandria & Star. Star doesn’t see it that way; although she is so street smart, savvy and culturally diverse (insert eye roll here)

Later, Simone finds pics & vids in the storage space, while looking for Carlotta’s conditioner. In a flash back, Carlotta & Jahil were “intimate friends” & they started the bizness together.  Yet on this day in flashback, he wanted to showcase Mary solo. He claims it’s per the request of fellow producers. Yet we’re witnessing the beginning of the end for this duo, peppered by the lasciviousness of a young Jahil. *

Sister Jenkins had a stroke. Pastor Harris, (‘lotta calls him Bobby) wants her to direct the choir. She’ll think about it; because she has “Too much on her plate, right now” Yet he knows something else is wrong and later he sends her flowers. * (awww)

The girls play the tape of Mama Mary singing, when Simone claims to have a song for a very tough competition in 2 days. Simone is thrilled, as is Alexandria to witness Ma’Mary’s vocals.  Star is still angry with her mom for dying and doesn’t want to do “her song”

Later, Jahil confirms beef between Carlotta & Mary; for the same reason inner turmoil threatens the girls now.  A white girl singing R&B, should lead. This insures their success. This doesn’t go over well with Alexandria and Simone, yet this has been Jahil’s agenda all along, reducing the other 2 to back ground singers if at all. The greatest obstacle in this next step is the equally talented and more than confident, “Glamour’ 3 girls who took The Star Spangled Banner” to a whole ‘nother level, a Capella!*

Ma’Mary’s song, written by Carlotta, “I don’t know how to unlove you” is rearranged by Alexandria & the girls sing it @ the audition; all 3 of them, rotating the lead vocals.  However, Jahil is only impressed and ecstatic with Star, confirming his loser status. This arrangement, the equal vocals, choreography and dress brought the total package, qualifying the girls to the top 20.

Hunter gave Star his credit card so she could purchase clothes for their performance. They want to look good as well as sound good. He trusts her, so he gives it up. Later, his mom enters the room where they’re “getting it on” She lets him know his credit card is bent by $20k. The ratchet Star went overboard on the spending and more so when she asked his mom if she wanted to join them during their sex romp!  Star: disrespectful and ..nasty!

He’s pissed. Star leaves. She then runs into reporters outside the gates of the football star’s home. She gets their attention.

Jahil is snatched & taken away in a van, while in the parking lot.  Later we see feet dragging someone into a warehouse and dumped. 

Ok.  A little more realism tonight makes this a ** *episode and worth the eye strain.

Tune in next week to find out if Jahil joins Otis!