Emerald City (S01E05) “Everybody Lies”

This episode is an example of this series getting better and better with every single episode. I think I’m going to have to say this episode is one of my favorite episodes so far because it is focused not just on Dorothy but also focused on The Wicked Witch of the West (West). With every episode I’ve been becoming more of a fan of West. I think it’s mainly because of Ana Ularu’s performance giving us such mystery and giving us an interesting take on the Wicked Witch; I’m blown away by her performance with every episode. And, giving the fact how this episode ended, I have a theory on who Dorothy’s real father might be, but we won’t be able to know if I’m right until the next episode.

In this episode: Dorothy (Adria Arjona) is thrown into a dungeon room of West’s (Ana Ularu) castle, West then asks Dorothy if she is a good witch or a bad witch. But with Dorothy so terrified she is not able to answer the question, West ends up leaving the room with Dorothy locked up. When West returns she asks Dorothy how she killed her sister Witch of the East (East). Dorothy explained it was with a gun, West points the gun at Dorothy,but Dorothy begs for her life. West then leaves the room again.

Meanwhile, The Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) has a meeting with his counsel about the possible uprising of the beast. When The Wizard’s guidance is then questioned, the Wizard explains it was his servant Anna (Isabel Lucas) who explains that its nothing to worry about and that there is no trick about how she came about the real translating of the scriptures. But Elizabeth (Roxy Sternberg) then challenges Anna which leads to Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini) to see the Wizard has more to deal with than he realizes.

Back with West, Dorothy and West come face to face in the dungeon room again. West tells Dorothy that her sister Glinda (Joely Richardson) is coming tomorrow to question Dorothy but West wants to use some of her own methods to find out answers for herself. West then uses her magic to levitate Dorothy off the ground bending her body left and right to get answers. When West touches a nerve with Dorothy she reveals Dorothy never knew her real mother, West then goes to tell that her mother, who is the mother of all witches, gave life to thousands of witches in Oz and had time to give all of them love and support they needed. But she says she finds it sad that Dorothy’s mother had no room to care about just one little girl.

Dorothy then tries to escape when Tip (Jordan Loughran) comes to listen to Dorothy; Dorothy begs the girl for help but Tip then reveals to Dorothy the little girl is Tip and that Dorothy ruined her life. So Tip walks away; West then returns but disguised as Dorothy’s mother and works hard to get the intel that she needed to see what East was going to tell to her so after getting what she wants she revealed it as a trick. Tip then comes back with Dorothy’s bag and helps her escape from the dungeon by going through the sewer. But before they do, the duo have to lock up West’s other servant who tries betraying Tip to get in higher ranks of West’s servants. When West returns she sees her lower servant locked up and asks her what had happened. When the servant has to say what West sees as lies, she forces the servant down the sewer and drowns her. Dorothy escapes through out the sewer and ventures on to meet with the Wizard.

Meanwhile with Lucas, Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) then takes Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) and the two of them go on the run trying to escape West’s land. When the Wizard’s guards stop them its up to Lucas to fight them off so both can escape. Lucas then interrogates one of the guards to find out who he is. When the guard reveals heartbreaking intel about his past, he tells Sylvie to stay there in the alleyway to wait for him while he does another bad thing, he then takes the guard away.

In the end of the episode Dorothy then makes her way through the festival grounds to the Wizard’s castle. She then hears what seems to be ‘Pink Floyd’ playing on an old cassette player. When Dorothy questions about the music that she had stopped on the player the Wizard demands how she knew about the music, and asks if she’s here to kill him. But when Dorothy reveals that she and the Wizard are both not from around here, the Wizard immediately knows Dorothy and says “you’ve finally come home”

Next episode: Emerald City (S01E06): “Beautiful Wickedness” airs Friday, February 3, 2017