Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) “The People v Ichabod Crane”

If you are afraid of spiders, this episode might be tough to take. This recap is a bit long, but the episode was detailed and had a lot of good information.

The episode opens with Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) trying to talk to Agent Thomas (Janina Gavankar). She is wondering where Crane (Tom Mison) is. Jenny says she knows what this Witness stuff is like and wants to help.

At Dreyfuss Central – apparently the deal with the Devil didn’t extend his life, so Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) is working hard at keeping himself healthy. Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) has found the map with ley lines, and this will help place the puzzle pieces Dreyfuss has located.

Jenny visits Crane’s place, which is now complete with goo, and featuring “The Fly” on the TV. Opening the closet, Jenny finds something that looks a lot like spider silk. Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) and Alex (Rachel Melvin) verify it IS spider silk. Jenny resists calling in Agent Thomas. The goo in the jar does NOT like light. (By the way, whatever Jenny and Jake use to enhance their memory, I’d like some.) Jenny heads off to the Cava Desperavi, now called the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), an Army facility. The Cave was alleged to hold the Slayer of Hope. Jake convinces Alex to follow Jenny.
cranes place has goo - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
Crane wakes up in an 18th century courthouse, accused basically of abandonment which led to murder. And, the prosecutor is none other than Jeremy/Henry (the delightful John Noble). Crane is aware that something is wrong and that it couldn’t be real, but he’s being persuaded otherwise. Henry argues Crane abandoned him (conveniently forgetting that Crane was never aware that he had a child). But, Henry is really alleging Crane killed the prior Witness, Abbie Mills.
jeremy - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
Jenny breaks into APG. She’s pretty persuasive, until she drops her bolt-cutters (ALWAYS secure your tools…). Good thing Alex and Jake bothered to follow.
secure your boltcutters - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
Crane defends himself by saying that there was no other way, but Henry says that’s always his excuse as Joe Corbin, Abraham Van Brunt (Headless!) and Katrina Crane paid the price. Clearly, these deaths are a burden Crane carries with him.

Summoned by Alex and Jake, Diana bails out Jenny and they head off to the Cave because Diana doesn’t wish for anything bad to happen to Crane. Jenny is jealous of Diana, but Diana has read Jenny’s file. Jenny brings up how Abbie found out that she was the Witness and lets her know, sooner or later, it’s going to happen to Molly. Muttering that they “hate spiders” they find Crane AND a creepy demon. Diana fights the monster but whatever happens to the monster is hurting Crane, as well. Hey, those bolt cutters might help at this point…Crane sees the demon’s face, which alerts him that this isn’t real.
monster - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
The gang regroups back at The Vault. They are able to use information recorded by Grace Dixon (Onira Tares), Abbie and Jenny’s progenitor who worked with Crane. Jenny explains that everything is connected. (It might very well be that Diana/Molly are connected in some deeper way). Grace’s note recaps that the monster feeds off of despair. It would eat the despair and then radiate it as a weapon. So, the monster made Valley Forge the awful event it was.
cava desperavi - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
At the trial, Crane lets everyone know how special Abbie was and states he “would die a thousand deaths if it meant she would live but one more hour.” He realizes that Abbie made a choice. Henry brings up that he was trapped in a coffin for over 200 years.
deaths two - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
Back in the Vault, Diana checks in on “Moo” (love that nickname!) who is eating pizza and watching TV. They find a recipe for the “Fire of Joy” which wasn’t a metaphor after all. One element is tough to get and they need a delivery device. Agent Thomas is put in a tough position knowing that Jake and Alex can sneak in and take stuff from the Smithsonian at will, although Jake assures Diana, they always return what they take.  Jake discloses to Alex that he was going to leave the Vault because it was cool, but not real. Alex notes that maybe some of the cool stuff is best left in the books. (Probably true).  While they are taking the 10th century Chinese delivery system, a guard arrives and shortly thereafter, so does JOBE. Jobe, heartless thug that he is, suspends the guard while he rifles through the items until he finds the map he wants and THEN dissolves the guard into dust. Fortunately, he doesn’t find Alex and Jake. Alex is definitely the voice of caution.

Abbie and Diana go to a bar with one of Jenny’s contacts, but the “contact” is not happy with Jenny. Fortunately, Diana talks Marine Talk (Leatherballs, Semper Gumby) and convinces the bartender to sell them the explosives. Meeting up with Alex and Jake, they all discuss that Jobe is actually a demon, but have to put that on hold.
marine - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
Henry pulls the big guns on Crane by accusing him of being shallow and moving on and that Crane has not grieved. Also, he states that Crane will be guilty of the deaths of all of the new crowd. This is something Crane is surely worried about. Henry shows Crane a noose and tells him he knows what he must do, and then disappears.

In the cave, Alex and Jake burn the web surrounding Crane (Alex!! Eyes on the job!). Fortunately, they broke the link BEFORE blasting the demon to bits. Crane is hard to wake up, though. He’s mesmerized by the noose. (The audience is mesmerized by his perfect eyebrows.) Diana calls Molly (on the couch with great blanket and pillow designs) and gets her to say what she’s drawing. She says while Crane thinks he’s alone, he has a lot of friends that he feels he’s let down, but he gives them HOPE and to never give that up. This brings back Crane, who realizes they were Abbie’s words but in Molly’s voice.
the fire of hope - Sleepy Hollow (S04E04) "The People v Ichabod Crane"
Back in the Vault, the Wonder Twins think the goo is inert. So, they leave it. As the SH writer said on Twitter “that’s not likely to come back and bite them in the ass, is it?”

This episode gets an A-. It was clever and interesting. A teeeeeeeny bit emotionally gooey, but that’s not all bad.  It drew the characters closer, and revealed that Crane, indeed, holds a lot of guilt over the path of carnage in his past – even though he had little choice as things happened. It also established further information about the main bad guy and what he’s up to, as well as allowing his demon sidekick to be delightfully badass. So, good monster of the week and overarching story balance.

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