Timeless (S01E12) “The Murder of Jesse James”

Not only does this episode was a lot of fun to watch, but also it dived deeper into someone from the past.

Our three main characters face their not so good moments in the beginning of the episode, Wyatt meets with his wife’s killer. Rufus gets a kiss from Jiya and news that she’ll be operating the time machine (but not too soon) and Lucy dream of having a bad conversation with her sister.

They get a call that Flynn has gone to April 3, 1882, for which was the date that Jesse James was murdered by his own crew, for a pardon from the government. But before that even ever happen, Flynn stops James’ crew from killing him and instead Flynn kills the crew, offers him a drink and ask for his assistants.

When Lucy and company get there, they were a bit too late. So with no clue what to do and being a couple steps behind, a dazed and lost Lucy figures out who they could help them, U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves, aka The Lone Ranger. They also get to meet his side kick Grant Johnson. Wyatt does call him another name, but insults him because it means stupid or slow.

Anyway, the Lone Ranger and crew set off to find Flynn and James. With no clue what Flynn was doing, we do get an understanding in the present after Jiya does some okay testing of driving the time machine. She looks into the video history files of what she could learn from and finds someone who is declared to be dead after a bad accident. It turns out to be someone Rufus worked with before Wyatt and Lucy came.

Flynn and James gets to the place and soon they are getting attacked with gun fire. Flynn tells James to stand down, while he goes and has a talk with the person. That person happens to be the same person that Jiya saw in the video and has worked with Rufus, Emma. She appears has a lot of electronics for someone in the 19th century. Flynn offers her out of here and for to help him. They leave while given Jesse James a deadly gun that he has never used before and waited for Lone Ranger and crew to get there.

As they get there, Rufus was shocked and amazed that Emma is alive. Soon James starts shooting up the cabin, hitting Grant and killing him. Wyatt and Bass goes out there as Wyatt shoots James in the shoulder. Wanting to kill him, Bass talks him down but Lucy shoots James in the back as history calls it but this time in a different way.

After that event, Lucy gets the award money for killing Jesse James from Bass. He tells her and the guys that he doesn’t believe in killing but holding the law to those that broke it and that they should face it. Rufus tells him that he should tell his stories so people will remember them, because someone like Disney would have someone else known as The Lone Ranger and someone like Johnny Depp playing his sidekick (EW!!).

As the crew gets back, Rufus tells Mason and Agent Christoper about Emma’s alive and is with Flynn. Soon, Mason joins with Jiya at the time machine lifeboat and discusses what she had done and threatens her. But they move on with Rufus watching almost all of their conversation. After that, Wyatt comes to Rufus asking to use the Lifeboat to do something…kill his wife’s killer for which will be an adventure for next Monday’s episode.

If I had to use one word to describe this episode…fun. It was just down right run to watch this episode and the writing was so damn good. It kept me amazed and interested. Coleman Domingo was amazing as Bass Reeves, “stunning” as one person who watched it with me calls him. Annie Wersching playing Emma, was a really good choice, even though she didn’t have a lot of lines, only a few but her expressions really can say it all. I recommend to everyone to watch this episode, this is popcorn episode viewing my friend! Popcorn viewing episode!!! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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