Lucifer (S02E13) “A Good Day To Die”

Lucifer found the truth out about Chloe’s existence but before he could confront her he discovers that she’s been poisoned by Dr. Carlisle before he offed himself. Lucifer is frantic as he tries to drive Chloe to the hospital but she has a different idea. Perhaps there’s an antidote for her poison in Dr. Carlisle’s possessions. They go down to the station to find out from Ella that the antidote was destroyed. Amenadiel meets Lucifer at the station where they have a violent conversation about Chloe. Amenadiel explains that Chloe has no idea about how she came to be or anything about the divine. I’m getting tired of Amenadiel’s whining about Daddy to be honest as he says Father had used them both as pawns. Chloe and Lucifer decide to go to the drug dealer they captured in “Stewardess Interruptus” who is out on bail and having a party. Chloe lures him to a dark room where Lucifer interrogates him to discover the person who helped Carlisle gather the ingredients he needed to make his designer poisons. Chloe’s nose starts bleeding again and she faints. Lucifer takes Chloe to the hospital where they finally tell Dan and Ella everything about Chloe’s poisoning. Dan and Lucifer team up to go after the guy who supplied Carlisle with his ingredients. Turns out the guy they’re looking for does clown mermaid paintings as a front for his gallery. When Dan questions him he loses his cool when the bad guy starts insulting his ex-wife. Dan mentioned before that he still had feelings for Chloe so you can bet he popped his top getting him and Lucifer tied up. Lucifer is exasperated when he discovers that this wasn’t a part of some master Dan Plan so instead Lucifer gets free and beats up the bad guys. The one time Lucifer listens to Dan right? Lucifer makes a deal with the artist criminal that Lucifer will buy one of his ugly pieces in exchange for the ingredient list. They get the list but they don’t have the formula which died with Dr. Carlisle.


Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, Charlotte, and Linda meet back up at Lucifer’s penthouse to discuss options. Lucifer decides to go back to Hell by dying. Charlotte refuses to help and storms out but everyone else is on board. Lucifer is only vulnerable around Chloe so they place Lucifer in a room under Chloe’s. Amenadiel promises to stand guard and make sure no one moves Chloe. Lucifer tells Dan to gather the ingredients so they could assemble the antidote quickly when Lucifer came back. Linda is apprehensive since she hasn’t practiced medicine in a long time. But Lucifer doesn’t have time to wait so he kills himself with a shock to the heart. Lucifer finds himself in Hell but he only has 60 seconds before they have to bring him back. Luckily time moves slower in Hell. Amenadiel meets Trixie who seems to melt celestial and demonic hearts with her innocence. She asks why there’s so much evil in the world and Amenadiel answered honestly that he didn’t know but knew that there were good people like Chloe to make the world better. Trixie called Amenadiel a guardian angel and hugged him. Awwww. Meanwhile Dan and Ella break into a car shop where they need a crucial ingredient. Dan is second guessing their decision which is weird because he was totally on board earlier. Ella reveals that the guy who supplied Carlisle is her brother Riccardo. He pointed a gun at them but Ella managed to convince him to help them. (Okay we need an Ella-centric episode because the more I find out about her the more questions I have and the more I wanna know about her!) Back in Hell Lucifer finds Carlisle living in a Hell of his own making from his guilt. Lucifer says that Carlisle could get out of Hell if his guilt was somewhat alleviated by giving him the formula for the antidote. Carlisle writes down the formula but he remained trapped by his guilt. Lucifer memorizes the formula but gets side tracked by another door where his brother Uriel is in Lucifer’s penthouse at his piano. Lucifer gets trapped by his guilt, stabbing Uriel over and over again.


Linda and Maze tried to bring Lucifer back but couldn’t. Maze realized that Lucifer must have gotten lost in one of the doors. She can’t go down there and get him because she’s a demon and when demons died they don’t really go anywhere they just die. Charlotte surprises everyone by showing up and decided to help Lucifer by going back to Hell. Maze gave Charlotte a shock to the heart sending her back to Hell where Lucifer continued to relive his guilt. Uriel talked about the last words he told to Lucifer about “Peace is here.” Who knows what that means but apparently it’s a piece to some big puzzle. Charlotte comes to rescue him but realized that all of this was happening because she was manipulating everyone in order to get back at God. Lucifer is shaken out of his guilt as he concludes that he killed Uriel to save Chloe and his Mother. Lucifer drags Charlotte out of Hell as she started to get pulled in by her guilt. Chloe goes into cardiac arrest but the doctors stabilized her. However, they wanted to move her and Amenadiel had to fight off orderlies and security to stand his ground. Lucifer and Charlotte are brought back and Lucifer came in just in time before things got really rough. They make the antidote saving Chloe’s life. Lucifer stayed by Chloe’s bedside until she woke up. She wanted to talk about them but Lucifer was evasive saying that she needed rest. Lucifer left the hospital being confronted Charlotte who tried to convince him that it was all his father’s manipulation. Lucifer doesn’t think he can trust that all that happened with Chloe was real as she was put in his path by God. Lucifer refused any part of his mother’s revenge plan and walked away. Chloe is released from the hospital but Lucifer won’t answer her calls. She went to Lux but found his penthouse abandoned. Lucifer is gone without a trace.


A+! Emotional from beginning to end. The reluctant bromance of Dan and Lucifer is golden! So Lucifer is second guessing his romantic entanglement with Chloe even though she is innocent of how she was put in the Devil’s path. Lucifer is so insecure and mistrustful of God that he refuses to accept any gift from Him without thinking there are strings attached or this is a way of manipulating him somehow. It’s very sad. My theory is maybe Chloe is a gift for Lucifer from God as an apology for Lucifer’s suffering, of him being alone all these centuries, that finally maybe he can have someone who will truly love him and show him he’s worth loving. That’s my theory anyway. New episodes will return soon. Hopefully this results in renewal for season 3.