Teen Wolf (S06E10) “Riders of the Storm”


#1 This is the Mid-Season Finale!

#2 There is more Teen Wolf! But it won’t be back until the Summer so hold your horses for those last 10 episodes. I know it will be epic!

Okay! Review! Ha!

So much happened this episode that I honestly have no damn clue of how to even talk about it. I’m going to attempt cause it really was a lot, but it went by so damn fast! Like a bullet fast! I know a lot of you are wondering if Stiles came back. Well yeahbut Lydia, Scott, and Malia didn’t see that. Stiles did manage to come back just not right in front of them (he’s dad was a badass by the way, telling him to GO! he’ll hold of the Ghost Riders), he popped in his Jeep. Why? Well cause that’s his relic, something precious to him.

Everyone is split up majority of the episode, it’s not til somewhatly half way through that they meet up. Malia went with Lydia to find Stiles but found a lot of people in a trance, even Peter himself. Liam and Scott end up running into Nazi Douglas, who of course brought Parrish. But guess what, they got a Stiles! An he blew out Parrish’s flames with one can of icy goodness! Mason & Hayden are roaming around the many rooms of the Wild Hunt Train Station to find Corey. But that gets cut short when a Ghost Rider shows. Surprise, it’s actually Liam. Liam said he knew a way to get into the Wild Hunt, he stole a horse while Theo held off the Ghost Rider. Also, let’s keep in mind of all these damn Ghost Riders popping the hell up! It’s annoying as hell! Plus with the damn count down in time, that’s not helping.

Before this slips my mind, Parrish did reveal to them, there is no way of stopping the wild hunt. But they can avert it. So they need to get to that damn train before it seriously hits Beacon Hills!

Scott & Stiles may have just reunited but they weren’t together long. They kept getting split up and thrown around to different places like rag dolls playing Portal! They only met once before being split again! Scott is literally having to ninja flip his way out of his situation, while Stiles has a gun to his head. Again! But this go round Lydia saves him. An a passionate kiss happens, awww. But they had other things to worry about, Ghost Rider Ma Stilinkski popped up & is ready to kill her so called son. Scott does mangage to get to the tracks to change the rails but Mr. Douglas is there, with an army. Scott didn’t think this through at all.

Mason, Hayden, and Liam eventually do find Corey. But this poor kid is in one sick & nasty state! All these wires, cords, and microphones going into his body like they were surgically implanted. But in the worst way possible! They couldn’t do anything until Scott averted the Wild Hunt from Beacon Hills. As for Stiles he’s slowly losing freaking air! Lydia can’t help she’s choking on Life! But Papa Stilinski pops and saves the day! 1st bullet didn’t work but the 2nd bullet does. You always double tap, no matter what evil creature it may be.

Scott may not have an army but he does have a relible pack (sort of). Theo (still alive), Malia, and Peter (still has that glorious sass level) all go out on the Ghost Riders! Mr. Douglas thinks he’s winning but he’s wrong. The hunt got averted, Corey was able to get out (in a painful way), Mr. Douglas got what he deserved (thought he could control the Ghost Riders but they bow to no one, so they converted his ass), and all of Beacon Hills went back to normal. I kid you not, it literally went back to freaking normal like nothing ever happened! The only ones that know are Scott’s Gang, Liam’s Gang, and pretty much the parents & Argent. That’s it!

To conclude, all the main characters finished High School. Scott & Stiles passed the mantle to Liam & Mason (he got the metal bat) an sad there goodbyes. You would think this was the end, but your wrong. Stiles has the police radio in his Jeep still, joggers found a body in the woods. Feels like de ja vu, season one moments! They literally speed out of the parking lot to the woods, there so gonna get into some new trouble.

Alright you guys, that’s it. Well until the summer, so..see you til then 🙂