Timeless (S01E13) “Karma Chameleon”

Going to back to stop from a killer being born is one thing, but going back to stop someone from meeting is another in this week’s episode of Timeless.

After coming back from their previous mission, Wyatt asked Rufus to help him stop his wife’s killer, meaning that they had to stop his parents from ever meeting. Sounding dangerous, Rufus agrees but Wyatt tells Lucy about it before everything was a go.

Wyatt and Rufus sells it like Wyatt made Rufus stealing the lifeboat. The time: March 1983 and Wyatt and Rufus look like an early look of Sonny and Crockett, in my opinion. We see a whole lot of flashback shows from The A-Team to Manmianl (my favorite even though I was born in 1989).

Wyatt finds the killer’s mother and purses to have a relationship, but the bartender tends to be the killer’s father too. Every time Wyatt tries to separating them, there always seems to be something else comes between them, like a drunken passenger from a previous flight or a cop that got in a way. Also let alone there was a storm coming too.

After Wyatt was help free from the cop from Rufus, he runs towards the mother’s hotel room where she and the bartender were getting it on. Wyatt rushes in and pulls the guy out and takes him out for a drive but the winding being too strong couldn’t get his keys and the guys makes a dash until he trips, flies over a car and landing on the parking stomp on his head, killing him. Wyatt devastated about it tells Rufus that he didn’t want it to have it like this let alone his own wife too.

They come back and he gets the news from Lucy that his wife is still dead and that they killer hasn’t been found. Seems like Flynn played him very well and watching Wyatt react and being taken away was just painful to watch.

Meanwhile, while Wyatt and Rufus was having flashback to the 80’s, Lucy gets to have a meeting with Anthony about how all of this mess that Rittenhouse has caused could all end, blowing up the lifeboat with C-4 in Oakland. But it turns out that Anthony was shot dead and that the lifeboat is gone along with Flynn and Emma (who knows a lot more than Anthony anyway).

But after meeting with Anthony, Lucy learns from Agent Christopher about the man that Mason has been meeting with, the man that turns out to be her father. After the accident, she meets with her father again and confronts him with all of this Rittenhouse, which all is true and he comes forward with the truth. Also that all of this Rittenhouse is her legacy, that’s in her blood and it seems that it looks like that he’ll be part of her life now more thane ever.

I thought that this episode was fabulous. I thought the writing was really good. This episode was interesting from the time we had a Lucy-Wyatt moment to the end when Lucy’s father explains Rittenhouse to her. Even though we learn more about Rittenhouse, I this episode was more about Wyatt and his mission to get his wife back. Matt Lanter really does a great job in this episode along with Abigail Spencer and Malcolm Barrett. Love the music and clips of shows from the 80’s (who doesn’t?). Looks like Wyatt won’t be with the team for a while or so. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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There’s only two more episodes before the season finale. You can catch Timeless Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC.