Legends of Tomorrow (S02E08) “The Chicago Way”

The Legends are off to take on Al Capone, while a familiar face joins Damien and the Reverse Flash.

Our fall finale opens with a bunch of ominous looking men in trench coats carrying tommy guns meeting some familiar faces.

Damien Darhk and the Reverse Flash are meeting with Al Capone and a third man joins the meeting: Malcolm Merlyn.

With Nate and Ray being more brothers with each passing episode and Martin becoming more attached to his new daughter, it’s clear that family is coming more and more of a theme this season.

It’s off to the Roaring 20’s (and this author’s hometown) to save Elliot Ness. Thanks to a series of unfortunate events, Elliot Ness gets abducted and Al Capone becomes the mayor of Chicago.

Thanks to Nate’s quick thinking (and Mick’s sarcasm), the Waverider is off to Cadaver’s Cove and manage to save Agent Ness.

Now that Agent Ness is safe and the team has their assignments, Gideon’s words about altering Mick’s brain seems to ring with more truth than expected when Leonard Snart himself shows up.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the assault on The Chelsea Club is not only a failure in busting Capone, but Martin and Sara are now in the clutches of the villainous trio that are plaguing our heroes efforts to correct the time aberration.

Forced to reveal the armory that Rip had hidden on the ship, the criminal in Heatwave rises to the challenge and he has a plan in store for the team.

Thanks to Sara’s rejection of Merlyn’s offer, Martin is clearly having trouble dealing with being the example Sara was following and confesses the existence of his daughter. Horrifically, this leads to a torture scene with Martin on the business end of things.

Now that the team is back on the trail of Capone, Mick makes a wicked ‘Yo’ momma’ joke and Sara is rescued, but Snart makes another surprise appearance.

Thankfully Heatwave doesn’t listen to Snart and tackles Capone, but it seems that Damien Dahrk has other plans…

Back on the ship, Martin is understandably out of sorts, and it seems to be going around. Mick sees more and more of Captain Cold on the ship and it is clearly starting to get to Mick’s nerves.

Things are getting worse on the ship as Jax realizes that the Reverse Flash is disguising himself as Professor Stein (with Ray making an awesome ‘Clue’ joke), and RF allows Capone’s men and Malcolm Merlyn aboard the Waverider.

Sadly, the team makes a trade for the amulet and in exchange the Legends get Martin back, albeit with a messy library.

While the yet to be named evil trio of villains are plotting to find the Spear of Destiny with the use of the strange compass, these fine gentleman are looking for Captain Rip Hunter.

Cut to Los Angeles in 1967 and we see a man who looks suspiciously like Captain Hunter directing a movie.

This was a pretty solid way to end the fall finale. So many questions! Why do our villains want the Spear of Destiny? Is Mick going nuts, or is something more sinister going on? And the biggie, what is Rip Hunter doing directing a movie in LA in the 60s? Why is his name shouted on a movie set at all? Damn you cliffhangers! DAMN YOU! 8/10