Legends of Tomorrow (S02E09) “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

With Nate and Ray’s memories fading fast thanks to a fracture in time, an old friend resurfaces while Darhk, Merlyn and Thawne are looking for a powerful weapon. Meanwhile Mick enlists Martin to help “fix his brain”.

Six months ago, the Waverider suffered catastrophic damage and our Legends were cast throughout time. Rip Hunter somehow survived and used a shutdown code to stop Gideon from remembering what he was doing to the ship, which includes a mysterious wooden staff.

Martin wanders into the kitchen to fetch something to drink, while it seems Mick has had a bit too much. Demanding Martin fix Mick in exchange for his life, Marty agrees out of sheer horror.

Now that The Legion of Doom has been given a full name (who doesn’t love a good Hanna-Barberra cartoon?), the team knows what the Legion is after.

The Longinus Medallion is thought to be what leads to the Spear of Destiny aka, the spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ while he was being crucified. Naturally, the Legion of Doom want to use the Spear to bend reality to their will so no pressure to retrieve it and save all of existence.

Back in the 70’s it seems that Darhk and Merlyn are having a short little murder spree and that brings the Legends back to the 70s.

The battle that ensues can only be described as epically bad. Thankfully, Captain Director Hunter having a hilariously sad meltdown while being arrested.

With Martin being a shrink to Heatwave, he appears to be playing psychiatrist to Phillip Gasmer who flips out when the Legends show up, and to make matters worse, Darhk and Meryln show up to retrieve Mr. Gasmer.

Thankfully, the team escapes and notice that Rip isn’t the one who is off. Ray can’t seem to give a straight answer when asked some rather complicated theories on time travel and memory recognition, and Nate is acting strange as well.

When it comes to the sudden lack of knowledge both men have of history or physics, it turns out both men were inspired by the works of one George Lucas, and Nate and Ray end up scaring the ever living crap out of him. To be fair “Hey, I had metallic skin” was not the best opener, but Amaya came back with a cliffnotes version of “George Lucas, you’re our only hope.”

With a possible diagnosis for Mick and a lead on the Spear of Destiny, the Legends are off to save the made that created the Jedi. (I love this damn show.

With Marty performing brain surgery like it is a totally normal thing to do for a physicist, a certain trash compactor scene takes our Legends to a whole new level. Where’s R2?!

Thankfully, the Waverider comes in to save the day at the last second and the Legends kick some Legion of Doom butt, and he’s not the only one entering the fray!

With Phil Gasmer acting as a convincing Rip, the team manages to escape with part of the Spear and the Medallion, but lose Rip to the Reverse Flash.

Now that movie night is in full swing, Rip is held hostage and in the clutches of the Legion of Doom.


Holy crap on toast, this season of Legends keeps upping their game. I mean come on, George Lucas having to save the world with his movies? HOW FRICKING AWESOME? There were so many easter eggs in this episode I’m continually impressed with the writer’s abilities to show off their geeky knowledge of pop culture while still having a cool story line that advances the overall arc of the season. Plus, hearing a Brit speak with an American accent is always comical to me. 9.5/10