New Girl (S06E09) “Es Good”

Jess and Robbie go on a double date with the other people they are seeing and Schmidt and Cece have trouble with their contractor and their new home.


At the bar, Robbie and Jess are talking about their riveting story of karaoke which thankfully ends with them being huge dorks. Unfortunately for the moment, they are interrupted by an old flame of Robbie’s. This leads to the exclusive talk between Robbie and Jess. Winston makes it worse. He really needed to leave after that dog/bone talk.

Now that the exclusive talk happened, Jess finds out that Robbie not only works in a factory, but also that he has a date with a coworker, Babs. Jess makes things worse by saying she has a date as well. What could go wrong?

With Schmidt and Cece finally having walls in their kitchen, it is time for a tour! …And there are no walls in the kitchen.

After a Schmidt freak out and Nick talking with Mr. Jason, Jess decides it’s time to get out there and go to strange places to meet strange men. Lo and behold, she meets Stavros.

Back at the loft, Cece and Winston are watching a train wreck of a situation that leads to Jess and Robbie setting up a double date with Stavros and Babs.

Schmidt is going full Nick and decides to help Mr. Jason see what they see.

Naturally, the double date is a horror show. Stavros is a bit of a creepy disco guy.

Everyone should make a genuinely good life choice and never get drunk on hallucinogenic wine from a soda bottle then go to a Greek rave; unless you are Jess and Robbie. This time it ended well. They’re dating!

Now that Schmidt, Nick and Mr. Jason have hugged it all out, they realize that being hung up on labels is never the way to go.

Back at Robbie’s frankly incredible apartment, Jess and her new boyfriend cuddle up and Robbie is a badass who played with Santana, has a PBS special about his life, and saved Elon Musk from an unknown fate.


As far as episodes go, this was a bit of a hit or miss. Still funny, but a little flimsy plot wise. I really want Robbie to be a lasting relationship for Jess. He’s Schmidt’s second best friend and we need more of him in various episodes. 6.5/10