New Girl (S06E10) “Christmas Eve Eve”

Jess wants the Loft to have a perfect Secret Santa exchange but hits some snags with Nick, meanwhile Winston and Schmidt lose Cece’s present.

It’s Halloween and wait for it…




November 1st, time for tinsel.

Yep! It’s that time of year! Unfortunately, the Loft isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. However, Jess has a plan. Secret Santa guessing game!

:fast forward two months:

Finally! It’s time for Jess to belt out some Darlene Love and for Nick to say something that may border on slightly offensive. (“Jew thing”? C’mon son.)

Speaking of weird things, Robbie was out on that balcony waaaaaaay too long. The Santa hat is appreciated though.

Now that Nick has given himself the perfect gift, Jess goes literally all out, and does the most Jess “I’m still secretly in love with Nick, but should really move on” Day thing, and pays for a plane ticket for Reagan to fly in for Christmas.

No thanks to Schmidt, Retired Admiral Jay Gerajerau, Cece no longer has a gift. Time for a Schmidt/Jay Gerajerau messaround!

Jess and Cece manning the bar leads to a drunk elf and Robbie dropping it like it’s hot. Sadly, Nick buys a ticket to Seattle to surprise Reagan. Jump into action Jess!

In typical Nick fashion, Jess forces him to reveal that she’s his Secret Santa.

Thankfully for the Admiral and Schmidt, bean bag chairs are obscenely expensive in stores and Cece has a great talent for recognizing laundry. Hooray game night!

Horrifically, Jess is left out of the Secret Santa, so she gets a hamster.

Nick is making up for his stupidity and the Loft missing out on getting Jess a gift; in literally the best way possible.

Snow and Darlene Love! Thanks to Robbie and hot yoga, the Loft has a great Christmas.


Not going to lie. I’m a huge sucker for Christmas episodes, and New Girl holiday episodes are some of my favorite of the season. Plus, ROBBIE! 9/10


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