Supergirl (S02E09) “Supergirl Lives”


When Kara and Mon-El wind up in trouble after looking for a missing girl, they must work together to escape a deadly foe. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie have some growing pains when it comes to their new relationship.

Our episode starts off with a badass chase in downtown complete with surface to air missiles and Supergirl being super, Winn taking out a bad guy (kinda) and Guardian being awesome.

Now that Maggie and Alex are dating (their cuteness will never end), Alex seems genuinely happy.

Given Kara’s slightly bleeding heart, she agrees to help a woman find her missing daughter and it seems that an old foe is returning to the fold.

Thankfully, Winn has some leads and makes the connection that the rash of missing people all had blood work taken before they mysteriously disappeared. This leads Kara and Goofus Mon-El to investigate a doctor who’s a little too eager to get the duo into a back room.

Unveiling a massive portal looking structure that emanates purple light, Supergirl and Mon-El make their way through the portal and wind up on another planet, with a sun that leaves the two powerless.

After finally realizing where he is, Mon-El is horrified and urges Kara to leave with him, but Kara is determined to save the people stranded in the horrific murder castle.

Naturally, they made sure to get themselves captured and find the Earthlings who are stuck on Maldoria, but without any powers, the band of humanoids are out of options. To make matters worse, Roulette reveals herself to Supergirl.

With the bad news piling on, Hank can’t use his powers to save those trapped on the planet, and Alex spirals emotionally and takes it out on Maggie.

Not only was Roulette revealed to be behind the slavery, but it seems the Dominators are also a part of the ring.

With a full on human revolt after seeing Supergirl sacrifice herself to protect the others, they make a break for the door, but during the escape one of the Dominators stops a Maldorian from shooting Mon-El, which is a suspicious move indeed.

Thanks to Winn not being a red shirt, everyone makes it back in one piece and it feels like we are left with more mysteries than we started with concerning the Daxomite.

Back on Earth, Maggie and Alex make up and it seems that Kara and Mon-El are becoming closer as friends.

Our episode ends with familiar hooded figures interrogating the good doctor that abducted the alien and Earthling humanoids. The duo ask where a certain member of Daxom is and gets to be vaporized for his troubles.

Oh Kevin Smith, you awesome, kickass man. You directed this episode of Supergirl and the fandom could not be happier. Mon-El and Kara continue to flirt, Maggie and Alex are adorable as hell, and the Guardian team are really growing into their own as heroes. 10/10