The Blacklist (S04E09) “Lipet’s Seafood Company”

The Team hunts for a terrorist organization looking to right perceived wrongs and enlist someone on the inside of a United States defense contractor.

Welcome back Blacklisters! Our episode opens with scenes of fish being unloaded at a place called Lipet’s Seafood Company. This leads to a man in a surgical mask cutting a fish open and removing a piece of technology, but a chip falls to the ground and goes unnoticed. Almost immediately after, an assault by masked people wielding guns take over the building and steal some of the technology. I’m sure nothing unsavory or nefarious is happening here!

After the cold opening, Liz is making a home video to show baby Agnes the tumultuous first year she had while living under the threat of Alexander Kirk.

Meanwhile, Harold scolds Raymond for his use of the FBI to apprehend Kirk for unknown purposes. It is hard to blame Raymond, but skirting any blame, Raymond brings up a certain seafood processing plant in Maryland that lead to our cold opening.

As it turns out, one Hassan Arkani, a terrorist wanted by the FBI is a man who was killed in the attack, and it seems Director Cooper wants to know what happened.

Now that the team has a new Blacklister, Arkani is part of a terrorist group called the New Martyr’s Brigade that has been operating in the States for unknown reasons.

Missing from our troupe, it seems that Aram has been scheduled for a meeting with the Justice Department about his spy girlfriend who was using him for information.

At the warehouse, the owner is looking as suspicious as all get-out and the piece of technology that fell to the floor in the cold opening is a timing chip that can be used in a bomb.

As it turns out, the chip came from a company in the United States that deals with ICBMs and other weapons of mass destruction. There’s a massive leak in defense contractor Blacktorne Kincaid’s ranks.

It seems Reddington is doing some sly work to make sure the newly elected president keeps a campaign promise. Seems like Red is working on something…

With James Maddox being surveilled by Ressler and Navabi catching up to the ex-Kincaid employee, he’s shocked that the FBI was after him and immediately considers himself a scapegoat.

Naturally, Agent Keane doesn’t believe that he’s the bad guy, but it seems that Agent Navabi has been doing some off the books work with Moussad. Unfortunately, Agent Navabi is being targeted by the rogue member of the Blacktorne Kincaid board.

With Red at his old tricks, it seems that he’ll be meeting the President elect.

Not only is Aram cleared of all charges, but the romance everyone has been waiting for is finally happening; Samir and Aram finally have a date.

Sadly, Agent Navabi is abducted by the NMB, and Reddington reveals that Mossad is operating in the US.

With Levi having taken the technology for the guidance system and evaded Ressler and the FBI, he is ready to hand over vital tech to a terrorist organization, which sadly is not recovered, thankfully Agent Navabi is safe.

After a scuffle in the street, Ressler gets the guidance system back and one terrorist is dead.

Meeting with the President elect, some very clear lines are drawn and Red is using some not so subtle words that scream blackmail.

Even worst, it seems Samar and Aram’s relationship is put on the backburner yet again.

Thankfully, the episode ends with Agent Elizabeth Keane being pardoned and reinstated to the FBI. Seems that Reddington has something to do with the reversal of the President elects decision.


This episode has some of the expected twists and turns that have become a little stale in the show, but there were some positive moments. I liked seeing Liz  get her status back at the agency and really enjoyed seeing the strife between Samar and Aram on their way to finally getting to that first date. 6/10