The Blacklist (S04E10) “The Forecaster”

When mysterious and gruesome models predicting murders start showing up at Liz and Tom’s new place, the FBI must scramble to stop more victims from becoming part of the horrific trend.

The Blacklist always has the creepiest cold openings, and this episode is no different. Opening with a horrific mold being made of a clay and put in what looks like a swimming pool.

After a touching moment between Tom and Liz, the newly reinstated Agent Keane finds the same horrific model outside of their new place with a desperate plea: “PLEASE SAVE HER”.

Soon after, we see an elderly woman drown in a swimming pool, seemingly what the strange diorama depicted.

Following the expected chilling cold opening, it seems Red is looking for a new apartment, and he warns Liz of a Blacklister that he doesn’t know about.

Back at the new apartment, Tom chases after whomever left the new diorama, but can only see the outline of a hooded figure before he runs back to the apartment to check on Agnes. Back at Reddington’s new apartment, a deal is being made to that seems to go against some of Red’s interests; considering his recent loss of a collogue.

In the park the second model predicted, Liz manages to save the intended victim, but the assailant escapes.

After Red’s lecture to Iniko, Dembe mentions Kate Kaplan and it seems her “death” still weighs heavily on Reddington’s mind.

The same bike shows up at a it leads the viewer to a man that appears to be the one pulling the strings.

Back at the FBI, Ms. Driscole (the woman who’s prints were on the first model) claims the models are premonitions, but there is clearly more at play here.

Cut to the Driscole apartment and we are met with 42 more horrific models (the Hannibal/pig reference was particularly compelling) that were made by her daughter, Maggie, who has an apparent undiagnosed cognitive disorder which allows her to “see” these events before they happen.

Given Maggie’s abilities, the team is skeptical of what she can do and investigate further. As it turns out, Maggie’s simply listening in on the conversations of ne’re-do-wells who are communicating using a frequency that is accessible by her hearing aid. Naturally, our nefarious murderers discover out the name of the girl thanks to police corruption and give chase.

With Red’s deal to become in league with Iniko, it seems all Red wanted was a new cleaner crew.

The murderers Benjamin Allen Charnquist and Chris Farnsworth are spooked and the FBI make their way to track them down.

Charnquist is also on his way to take down the head of Jasek Financial, but our brave heroes manage to take down one of The Forecasters.

The episode ends with Liz speaking to Dembe and her learning the fate of Mr. Kaplan.


This was a good episode. I find that I’m enjoying the side stories of what Reddington does when he’s not helping the FBI track down Blacklisters. James Spader is and always will be a fantastic actor and Red’s manipulation of the insidious men in the hotel was masterful as per usual. As for the main storyline, The Forecasters were cool. I hope to see Kevin Kliner come back as Chris Farnsworth in the future. Some real potential for villainy in future episodes. 6/10