Rings (2017)

For all of you thinking this film is a reboot and not a continuation this is what I have to tell you, its both a reboot and a continuation this movie is pretty much giving the franchise a fresh start and a new perspective. I have to be honest I was expecting this film to be interesting but it turned out to be interesting and good and with me being a horror movie fan I truly enjoyed the experience this film gave me from start to finish. Vincent D`Onofrio does another great performance in this film sure its a short screen time but just to have him on screen is always a pleasure to see. I also found it interesting that the number seven was used very frequently in the film I guess to try to use it as a numerology but also as a symbol in case anyone forgot about the first two films the number seven would then be symbolized in the whole movie. Although I feel like if you haven’t seen the other two movies that came before this one you will still enjoy it, but you wont be able to understand the references that are given through out the film that reference towards the first two films but I guarantee you will enjoy this movie.

The film starts out with this guy named Carter (Zach Roerig) whose drenched in sweat and very nervous [and if it was any normal person seeing this guy they would’ve reported his nervousness being like suspicious or something]. Faith (Laura Wiggins) looks at Carter and asks him to talk to her thinking it will calm his nerves. Carter then explains to Faith about a tape that is said to be a “myth” a video tape that says on a note ‘watch me’ once watched a little girl’s voice (Zoe Pessin [Voice Over for Samara]) comes on the phone and says you will die in seven days. Carter then gets a nose bleed which forces him to go to the bathroom on the flying plane. The woman, Kelly (Lizzie Brochere) then asks Faith what that was all about; Kelly then reacts quickly to try to find out answers from Carter before Samara (Bonnie Morgan) can claim another victim. Kelly asks Carter if he made a copy of the tape but Carter says he never did. Faith demands from Kelly what is going on and Kelly reveals she watched the very same tape but made a copy of it and passed it on to someone else. A flood of black water then forces Carter to slide down the isle forcing the image of Samara to be revealed to everyone on the plane. Carter then slides down into the cockpit forcing Samara to kill him and everyone on that plane.

The movie then jumps two years later where we meet Skye (Aimee Teegarden) and her professor/boyfriend Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) at a market where they come across a VCR player. Skye thinks its bogus and doesn’t want to buy it but her professor then puts on a huge speech in front of her about how VCR’s use to be the goldmine of entertainment when they were first released to the American culture way back in the days. Gabriel then buys the VCR; once they get Gabriel’s home he starts repairing the VCR, hoping it will have some life in it still. Gabriel accidentally presses the eject button revealing a tape with a note on it saying ‘watch me’ Gabriel being very interested decides to put the tape back in and begin watching the tape. The tape revealed very short images of a woman, then a girl, then a well then a ring illuminated by light. The screen then turns black and Gabriel gets a call having a little girls voice say “seven days” Gabriel then looks outside seeing not only is it raining but the rain is moving upward not downward like how normal rain does.

The movie then jumps again to a couple weeks later, we see Julia (Matilda Lutz) saying goodbye to her boyfriend Holt (Alex Roe) whose going away for college and wont be able to come back for another 8 weeks. We then see Julia using Skype with her boyfriend Holt but are interrupted by Holt’s roommates who take him for a “ride of his life”. After Julia has a nightmare she ends up waking from finding out Holt’s skype is calling her. Julia answers the skype message to find Skye (Teegarden) freaking out wanting to find Holt but Julia doesn’t know anything about where he is, Julia freaking out herself then drops everything to visit her boyfriend at his college dorm. As Julia is investigating at the college she witnesses Samara killing Skye; Samara had the opportunity to kill Julia but chose not to. Holt afraid for his girlfriends safety then demands to know what is Gabriel’s next move; while waiting for Gabriel to call back Julia decides to save her boyfriend and watch his copy of the tape. Julia then gets a call hearing a little girl’s voice say “seven days” Julia then gets visions of a jail cell and a basement door being banged on. Julia’s hand is then burnt with the a braile word engraved onto her hand. Not knowing what the word maybe Holt then chooses to be Julia’s tail to keep her in check to not go crazy while under the seven day death countdown.

Will Holt be able to save Julia from the curse? Will Julia be able to make understandings about these visions shes having about Samara? Who is Evelyn to Samara? All answers will be answered but only if you go to see the movie, I’m not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys I gotta keep some mystery in it to you all.

Rings is now out in theaters

Directed by: F. Javier Gutierrez

Screenplay by: David Loucka, Jacob Estes, and Akiva Goldsman

Story by: David Loucka and Jacob Estes

Based on the novel “The Ring” by Koji Suzuki