Star: (S01E06) “Infamous”

Disclaimer: I watch for the star moments of the storyline; the character with the same name, not so much

On social media, Star is trending after being seen leaving Hunter’s home.  She’s labeled his new “Wag” and the leader of a girl’s group. She’s over the moon with excitement. No surprise. Star is trending, not the girls & not their music.

Jahil Is hooded, beat down with a gun to the back of his head, when all of a sudden, he’s released from the warehouse. He’s lucky.  I thought he would be joining Otis, this week. Hunter’s mom, Arlene (Nealla Gordon) paid off his debt to Mob Maggie and the traffickers. Word on the street,  moves quickly, eh? She now claims an 80-20 split in their profits. She’s 80%. In addition, “Star has to go” She’s determined to “keep that bitch away from my son!” No doubt she’s still stinging from Star’s invitation to join her & Hunter in sex games, after she caught them doing “the nasty” The invite and total disregard for mama’s eyes was so tacky, I must agree. ‘Not enough bleach for that insult.  Now Jahil is in debt to an even greater threat; mama bear protecting her cub from a predator.*  Jahil uses Star’s tackiness and questionable public behavior to replace her with Alexandria. This makes Star angry, because she’s the better singer.  So why not go solo?

 Alexandra & Derek are gold; he’s her biggest fan. She later meets Derek’s family at a backyard bar-be-que. Star shows up, uninvited like a wedding crasher. Alex and Derek’s cousin, Cross (Sean Cross) do a great duet of rap and song to ‘Wake up everybody” & Star’s envy is apparent*

Carlotta’s “Holy Crush” Pastor Bobby, is coming to dinner. Simone invited him. Baked chicken and sweet potato pie, makes it special. It’s a good sit down, although awkward @ times with Carlotta not knowing how to interact with Cotton during the meal. Pastor just thinks she’s a beautiful girl. She is.  Carlotta later tells Bobby, that Cotton is her son, Arnold. Giving this reason as to why she never invited him over. His reaction is unclear, so I’m willing to stay tuned.*

“Big Trouble” the girls, take the stage at the charity event with Alexandra as lead. In a cut away; that turned real, Star takes the mic and the lead, soaking up the applause as Simone & Alexandria fall back.  So why doesn’t Star just go solo?

Arlene threatens Jahil to make good on his debt, regarding the “mop head tramp” Simone, tired of Star’s selfishness and ego, finally let’s her have it, while Alexandra is chilled like the Ice Queen towards her.

Danielle, salon co-worker & Gladys Knight’s niece is killed. When she appears to be reaching for a gun during a traffic stop, the police shoot her. No doubt this will lead to protest; especially since Derek is leading the neighborhood, “Black Lives Matter” movement. And Ms Knight will probably not show up again. 

In another surprise, Eva speaks fluent English! (‘didn’t even detect an accent) She also sings and sings very well, what sounds like R&B   Stay tuned to see how this impacts a very thirsty Jahil.

 New episodes of Fox’s Star usually air, Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. pacific time


Key: * is worth the time and eye strain