Supernatural  (S12E10) “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” 

Im a tad late with typing this but I’ll change the date on it for Thursday. 

This episode highly screams Destiel! So if your a fan you’ll live this episode! 

We start off with meeting a new angel (been awhile since we’ve seen the boys deal with them), but we didn’t get to know this one well for long.  Patches (that’s what im going to call her) shows up, disturbs the angels game play, and stabs her while she calls for help! I was yelling at the TV as to why! But we will find out.

As for the boys, Dean & Cast are giving each other the silent treatment. An poor old Sam is caught in the middle, he’s trying to find a safe’s not working out. Sam always wants a calm talk it out demeanor, there are times that doesn’t work. Dean does call him out on a few things Cast has done that he finds stupid, an 9f course Cast is sadsy right back.

Eventually the boys do agree to tag along on Cast’s personal case. All Cast can tell them was that Benjamin was a safe solider, kept a low profile, and avoides trouble. Yet this go round he pleaded for help, which is rare. On the scene is doesn’t take long to notice that Cast is uncomfortable for things aren’t right, an angel blade was found, and someone is messing with the Angel radio.

Another stop had to be made at a diner after they bolted from the crime scene. Cast had to meet with two angels who use to fight by there side. One the angels hate humans, the boys have to stay outside. Basically, not even 5mins into the conversation Cast is being highly insulted & does nothing to defend himself at all. Luckily Dean & Sam (mainly Dean caise he was impatient) bursted in to hear in on the conversation. Automatically they didn’t like Mr. ExWarrior at all, looked like Dean wanted to punch him in the face!

Mr. ExWarrior felt disgusted that Cast had fallen so low & that he befriended filthy humans. While they spoke the other angel, let’s call her Ms. Uptight  (as you cana tell, im not good remembering names), went outside to make sure all waa clean. Sadly no, she got stabbed in other 15secs. Wanted to know a litle more about her, but I guess not. 

Mr. ExWarrior said they needed to go somewhere else to talk, since Cast brought extra luggage. He left a tip to go find Ms. Uptight, Dean & Sam told Cast he had terrible friends & he shouldn’t let him talk to Cast that way. Cast said he would put up with it all to find out what happened to Benjamin. Mr. ExWarrior finds Ms. Uptight dead on the ground, then  Patches pops up and slices his side. Cast followed by Dean & Sam sghow up, then the fight truly begins

This fight doesn’t last long when Patches uses magic to blind them & dashes away. At the safe house Cast ask Mr. ExWarrior how is Patches even alive! Its hypothesised that she made a demonic pact & the terrible thing they did to her before the apocalypse. They killed her daughter & her angel lover. The story does get to the boys so the decide to confront her alone. Once they do, they get a completely different story then what they were told.

It’s then revealed that Mr. ExWarrior was lying. He killed her daughter, who was innocent, who was human. Noy half human, half angel. He killed her daughter because she broke his heart. Although Mr. ExWarrior was more obsessed with Patches then actual love. Mr. ExWarrior did beat the crap out of Cast, flew Dean away against a wall, and then had a long fight with Patches. In the end, Cast was the one to take his life.

Cast apologized to her, an told her if she still truly wanted revenge he would be waiting for her. Dean told Cast he wasn’t angry with him, just worried about the “cosmic consequences” for they always bite them in the ass. An they have no idea how to handle this Lucifer baby problem at all. Let’s all drink on it for now.