Chicago Med (S02E12): “Mirror, Mirror”

This episode of Chicago Med was incredibly interesting.

Every patient brought something valuable to the episode, which is rare for Chicago Med. This proved to be very effective to bring out deeper inner problems in core characters, such as Sarah who admits to her problems in therapy at the end “Mirror, Mirror.” Subtly, Dr. Manning was also presented with her issues as well, when her patient is overcome with her sadness.

Because Chicago Med is based in a hospital about doctors, this method of better understanding the characters through their work was really effective, and I hope to see this continued in more episodes.

I also think expanding their jobs to include the infomercial was really great because it brought up so many different challenges for doctor-doctor and doctor-patient relationships.

With episodes like “Mirror, Mirror,” Chicago Med is carving a place for itself on NBC for many seasons to come.

Overall Rating: A