Emerald City (S01E06) “Beautiful Wickedness”

So this episode had quite a lot to reveal about The Wizard’s past and about Tin Man’s creator Jane’s past as well. We also got some answers for Dorothy and Lucas as well. But things are now starting to heat up in this series with a possible war coming soon to The Wizard and murder now happening. But once again I’m impressed by Ana Ularu’s Wicked Witch.

In this episode: We start out with Frank/The Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) drive up to a lab in Topeka, Kansas in the year 1996. Frank walks into the lab beginning to hack into the computer to mess up the experiment her colleagues are working on right now. He then covers his tracks by returning everything the way it was before the three scientist Roberto (Ivo Canelas), Karen (Gina Bellman), and Jane (Gina McKee) walk into the computer room of the labs experimental area. Jane begins to power up the machine and within three minutes the machine starts to malfunction as its creating the first tornado funnel by experimental air. Debris gets thrown onto Roberto who gets struck in the head and dies, Jane, Karen and Frank then get thrown into the funnel.

In present time; Dorothy (Adria Arjona) asks The Wizard (D`Onofrio) how she knows of her identity. The Wizard then tells her he’s known her since she was born in Oz and he loved her mother very much. The Wizard tells Dorothy give him the gun and he will tell Dorothy everything about her mother but Dorothy refuses and gives him only one bullet but before The Wizard could begin Eamonn (Mido Hamada) interrupts drawing his sword on Dorothy, Dorothy aims the gun at him but The Wizard tells him to stop shes there in his chamber as a guest. Eamonn of course doesn’t trust Dorothy and wants The Wizard to reconsider but The Wizard refuses. Eamonn tells The Wizard that Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) mind is locked by magic and thats why he can’t remember anything.

Dorothy then gives it a try to talk to Lucas to see if she can help him remember but just by seeing her doesn’t help so The Wizard takes drastic measures to find answers from Lucas’s mind. Dorothy then sees The Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) to see about unlocking the magic. When West then sees the magic thats blocking Lucas is Glinda’s (Joely Richardson) magic. West then tells Lucas there is a way around the magic almost like a back door but it will only work if he allows someone who he loves in his heart to be able to make the magic work. Dorothy agrees to it and West brings Tip (Jordan Loughran) in to dip the spell onto Dorothy, Lucas and West. Lucas then remembers seeing he was on the yellow brick road delivering something on a wagon. He was stopped by men who work for Witch of the East. Lucas then looks into the wagon seeing his cargo are witches, young witches. Lucas then fights to protect them but as he does the young witches protect Lucas in a cloud of magic forcing any who trespass die instantly. Lucas then tells the young witches to run. The young witches scatter through out the land and Lucas is then strung up on the cross.

With this discovery West tells The Wizard her mother Witch of the South lives and is birthing new witches for Glinda. The Wizard doesn’t want to believe it but Eamonn then jumps to conclusions that West is no longer on The Wizard’s side. The Wizard then comes to conclusions that Glinda brought her servants into the Emerald City to spy on him he then shows his paranoia and tells Eamonn to kill Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) but Eamonn decides otherwise to give Sylvie to Dorothy so she can have Lucas deliver her to Glinda. Dorothy then confronts Frank/The Wizard on wither or not he is her father. But he tells her no, her real father was Roberto. Dorothy then encourages the Wizard for him to allow Sylvie to go back to the north and both will be safe. But The Wizard shows Dorothy his own creation of a vortex chamber one similar to the one that created the tornado that brought The Wizard to Oz.

The Wizard then gives Dorothy a proposition, to either go back to Kansas or to stay in Oz where she was born and was brought back to, to become a savior. Dorothy tells The Wizard shes no savior and all she wants to do is go home but gives thought about the proposition to save Oz from the all out war. When The Wizard and Dorothy then investigate what screaming was all about in the front lawn; Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini) then declares war on The Wizard for killing her father King Ev (David Calder). Dorothy then runs with Lucas to get to Glinda. As The Wizard then reveals to Lady Ev the gun that Dorothy left to him and tells Lady Ev, if she wants revenge for her fathers death to not declare war on him but to declare war on Glinda. The Wizard gives Lady Ev a demonstration of how the gun works by killing Anna (Isabel Lucas).

Next Episode: Emerald City (S01E07):”They Came First” airs Friday February 10, 2017