Sleepy Hollow (S04E05) “Blood From a Stone”

This was an excellent episode. Very exciting.

The episode opens with an old-fashioned revival, with a twist – the preacher pretends to use a talisman to heal people, but it apparently extracts a cost against someone else. Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) shows up to take the talisman, and he punishes the revivalist as not worthy, but SURPRISE! a demon arrives to take that talisman from Jobe. The demon makes clear that Jobe sent it to hell and we see a bunch of markings all over it.  It was a shock, but Jobe was DEFEATED by this demon, and is left, seemingly dead (or whatever dead is for a demon) and buried.

Crane (Tom Mison) gives an amazing, and somewhat graphic inspirational speech to Molly’s soccer team. The girls were AWESOMELY interested in it – no squeals, no disgust! Crane notes that Molly (Oona Yaffe) is exceptional, and Diana (Janina Gavankar) wonders if her skills are because she’s a witness, but Crane explains it doesn’t work that way. Regular human, but special in other ways. Diana struggles with how to let Molly know.

Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) is locked in on Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies). The team uses a Dreyfuss murder board, and notes that all the incidences are tied to him. The incinerated guard (Jobe did this last episode) gives Agent Thomas and Crane an opportunity to question Dreyfuss.

Crane and Thomas find Dreyfuss in a presentation about the start of his company and his partner and friend Ansel (Bjorn DuPaty). They were inseparable. Crane is annoyed at Dreyfuss’ apparent persuasive powers. In the meantime, SOMETHING breaks into the impenetrable fortress that is Dreyfus Corp, leaving a trail of pretty much dead bodies.
dreyfuss and ansel in presentation - Sleepy Hollow (S04E05) "Blood From a Stone"

Back at the Vault, Jake is mooning over Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood). Alex (Rachel Melvin) tries to discourage him. “Dude, HAMSTERS learn faster than you. She’s not into you.” He begs her to help, and she makes Jenny her accomplice in the deal she strikes with Jake to “talk him up” to Jenny, which is a little mean.
jake mooning - Sleepy Hollow (S04E05) "Blood From a Stone"

Diana and Crane meet with Dreyfuss, basically all the cards are on the table. Dreyfuss knows who Ichabod is and Crane tells Dreyfuss that he knows Jobe is a demon and Dreyfuss is collecting artifacts. They stare each other down. Dreyfuss gets told there’s a breach. The demon puts the building on lockdown. Dreyfuss finally sees that it’s Dreyfuss’ former and now dead partner, Ansel. Crane presses Dreyfuss to tell them what Ansel wants. Ansel is wielding dark magic. Crane and Thomas go after the warlock, while Dreyfuss is unhappy to be left behind. Review of the security footage reveals that the warlock is using sigils literally branded on Ansel. Crane actually SMELLS Greek Fire – unextinguishable – in a container stuck to the wall – and so determines the intent is to destroy the whole building. We find that Dreyfuss, who was the better engineer and programmer, was incredibly jealous of the attention that Ansel got. Warlock Ansel wants his life back and is after the artifacts that Dreyfuss was collecting. Ansel attempts to kill Diana. Crane strikes Ansel and picks up Diana, and all three go into Dreyfuss’ lab.

crane holds diana - Sleepy Hollow (S04E05) "Blood From a Stone"

Team Vault identifies a statement that will halt the demonic action if recited while the sigil is activated. Jenny heads off to the building to help out. Diana tells Crane that she’s worried about how to tell Molly information, and Crane tells Diana how good a job she’s doing, and gives her advice. When trying to decide what will stop Ansel, Crane suggests using the artifacts and this causes Dreyfuss to explain how he struck his deal with the devil to prevent the loss of all of his work. Dreyfuss (and I) wonder if the area of the car wreck was near a mystically charged place (the white trees?). We see that Jobe brought the Devil’s contract to Dreyfuss. It’s clear that Dreyfuss is a weasel who is trying to cheat his way out of it. Ansel arrives through the door (a cool effect). Ansel realizes there is one missing piece and Ansel discloses that when all the pieces are put together, it’s the Philosopher’s Stone, an incredibly powerful magical item. (While the general audience squeals “Hey, that’s from Harry Potter” it’s really been around for quite awhile.) Ansel casts a spell on Dreyfuss – and Jenny arrives to counter it. (Lyndie Greenwood sounds pretty badass reciting the incantation).  Ansel tries to launch the Greek Fire, but Diana in an excellent move, catches it. In the meantime, weasel Dreyfuss has left with the Philosopher’s Stone.

Molly and Diana bond over burnt quesadillas. Diana decides that this quiet moment is a good time to reveal the Witness information to Molly. Molly’s actually happy to be this because she wants to help people too, and tells her mom that she can always tell Molly the truth.

Team Vault discusses that they don’t know where Dreyfuss is, but at least he doesn’t have the last piece. They examine the ley lines map and discover that the supernatural occurrences are all centered around the ley line intersections, and that the remaining local intersection is at ….SLEEPY HOLLOW!
ley line intersections - Sleepy Hollow (S04E05) "Blood From a Stone"

This episode had rapid pace and was amusing. The visuals and effects continue to be excellent. In particular, Ansel’s sigils being activated looked cool and the Greek Fire was beautiful.  Direction continues to be smooth with good pacing.  It’s nice that the audience now knows what the object is, what it is intended to be used for, and why both Dreyfuss AND Ansel want it. It’s also nice that while Diana is understandably worried about Molly and her fate, she’s not gnashing her teeth, and accepts the weird stuff that she’s seen. I hope that the inevitable let down for Jake is not too painful, because I hate to see people emotionally manipulated.  I really enjoyed the fact that Crane’s pep talk to Molly’s soccer team was interesting and funny and I, in particular, relished that the girls were fascinated and curious and the show didn’t make them look weak, foolish or scared. Bravo!!  I appreciate that we will be coming back to Sleepy Hollow. It was fun to explore DC, but it will be nice to return home.

Grade: A-

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