“I hope each episode gets crazier and crazier.” – Thomas Barbusca (Chip on The Mick)

MV5BMTU2MjExNDQ3NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzM3MDAzOTE@. V1 UY317 CR6,0,214,317 AL  - "I hope each episode gets crazier and crazier.” - Thomas Barbusca (Chip on The Mick)Thomas Barbusca followed his older sister Brielle Barbusca’s footsteps in to acting. At 6 the industry brought Thomas to Los Angeles, when his sister Brielle, booked a series regular role on the hit USA series The Starter Wife.

His best moment so far has been “Seeing the biggest billboard I’ve ever seen in Times Square with my face on it for my new show The Mick. That was pretty awesome!”

He has been on television in shows like Body of Proof (ABC), The New Girl (FOX), Sam & Cat (Nickelodeon), Anger Management (FX), and The Thunderman’s (Nickelodeon). He also began recurring on shows like The New Normal (NBC) & Grey’s Anatomy (ABC). He now stars as Chip on the show The MickHis favorite shows to star on have been The Mick has been amazing and I’m so grateful to be a part of this great cast. Wet Hot American Summer was a fun set. Felt like we were all at camp. I’m still friends with the kids I shot with. David Wain is awesome.”

While talking about the cast he has nothing but good words. “Everyone is great. I spend a lot of time with Sofia and Scott. Kaitlin is a lot of fun to hang with, and I love Carla; she’s hysterical. Jack is my little buddy, and he comes in my trailer every day to say hi.”

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The Mick on FOX.

If you haven’t been watching the show you should start now. My teachers loved it and so will you! The reason why he decided to be a part of the show is exactly what makes it great – its comedy. “Out of all the scripts I read last year, The Mick was by far, the funniest. I was a big It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan; and knowing that the writers from Sunny were behind this show, and that Kaitlin was already on board made me want to do it.”

The audition process was very quick too. “It was a quick audition process. I went straight to a Producers meeting, and then got the offer right after.”

THE MICK 1280x720 686626371743 - "I hope each episode gets crazier and crazier.” - Thomas Barbusca (Chip on The Mick)
Pemberton Family.

Thomas plays Chip, a character that is always acting a bit too old for his age and always trying to be the ‘man’ of the house. Speaking about his role, “Chip thinks, that with his dad now gone, that he is man of the house. He’s got a lot of pride and wants to be respected. He thinks he knows everything, and that his way, is the only way. Chip’s entitled, and thinks money is the answer to everything. He’s not a bad kid though. I think you’ll see him change throughout the season.”

Being a child who is in between has its own challenges (shows like The Middle show that too). This issue will certainly be shown in the series in the near future. “Chip’s definitely going head to head with his siblings, as well as his Aunt Mickey. It’s hard not to argue in general when you have a brother and sister. Sooner or later someone cracks. Having Mickey there is a change in balance, I’m sure you’ll see Chip test his boundaries with her, and maybe he’ll learn a thing or two.”

At the same time it also deals with aspects which are part of the daily lives of every teenager. Dating or trying to look cool and other such things which teens go through are all addressed in a comedic way making the show unique. Commenting on that, “I think it gives us a chance to laugh a little at what we face each day. Things don’t get talked about because they’re not appropriate; this at least lets us poke a little fun out of some of the things that are uncomfortable to talk about.” 

He thinks what makes the show unique is “I think it pushes the envelope for network television. It’s different. We aren’t the cookie cutter family. Lots of issues and craziness.”

owen1230 - "I hope each episode gets crazier and crazier.” - Thomas Barbusca (Chip on The Mick)
From left, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Jack Stanton, Carla Jimenez, Thomas Barbusca, Scott MacArthur and Kaitlin Olson on The Mick (FOX).

I for one hope this show runs as long as it can. Thomas has his sights on a number. “Oh man, I wish it runs for like the next eight years! That would be awesome! And I hope each episode gets crazier and crazier.”

A little spoiler on the show from him: “The next episode The Snitch, is one of my favorites. I had a blast filming that one. The Master was an epic fight scene between Sabrina and Chip; that was a lot of fun to film.”

You can see Thomas at “Hopefully on The Mick for many years. You can also catch me right now on One Day at a Time on Netflix and my movie Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, just came out on video.”

The Mick airs every Tuedays on FOX.