This Is Us (S01E13) “Three Sentences”

“Three Sentences” might be a confusing title at first for what the episode stands but it really doesn’t matter the episode really delivered once again.

Let’s just dive into Randle and William. William seems to be like he won a million dollars and he should be after being off chemo and radiation. As William is taking every second of every moment to do what he loves and enjoys. Randle faces a challenge from a co-worker at work about a project, but William comes in and ask him to join him to do the things he wants to do, so Randle agreed, even if he didn’t like it.

The two spent a lot of time clothes shopping, cream soda searching and even taking the car and listen to his song that he heard at a record shop when he was a kid. He tells Randle how he wanted to be the owner, who drove a cool car. There he realize and has William drive the car, but instead of driving around (because he hasn’t had a driver’s licence). Randle had William drive around the park, literally around in circles.

The flashback portion was of the big three’s birthday party. After seeing old clips of the past birthdays and traditions, Kate and Kevin wanted to have their own birthday party, Randle too. After going through memory lane, Jack asked Rebecca about having another kid. That conversation went back and forth a couple of times, but decided no.

When the party was going on, Kate and Kevin had their friends, but Randle had only his friends not his classmates. Jack and Rebecca tries to get some of Kate and Kevin’s friends to join Randle’s party but Randle was fine with just having his own friends at the party.  But that didn’t end as Kate decided to be by herself for a while and Jack tries to cheer her up, even though he did a great job, she still wanted to be alone. Jack and Rebecca asked Kevin why Kate’s friends were at his party, it was because he loves Kate’s friend Sophia, who happens to love the Princess Bride, for which Kevin ask to have for a theme for his party.

That does leave to Kevin and Kate, for which I thought stand out the most in this episode.

For Kevin, he realizes that Sloane doesn’t want to be around someone that thinks he has to be with her. So that left Kevin in a bad mood but hey Toby was there to help guide him to what he really wanted and that was to go to the person he truly loves….Sophia…his ex-wife. Yeah talk about a left turn, right?

He goes to her place and asked that they have a cup of coffee and talk. From her look it doesn’t look like she was in the mood talking but she’s gonna give it a shot.

Meanwhile, Kate decides not to go with the surgery and was given a chance to go to a camp for those with weight issues. Thinking that this was going to be like the biggest loser type of camp, it wasn’t it was most of therapy camp. Thinking that it wasn’t for her, she gets  pushed to do it from some employee there, who happens to have a crush on her.

After going back to the group exercises, she starts doing, listening and even going back to a dark moment in time, for which was the moment with her dad and cutting it to Jack’s funeral. After viewing those moments, Kate starts to do her exercise faster and then screams loudly. Just watching that scene was probably the oh my god moments of the episode, probably the season as we kind of figure out Kate’s emotional state.

I thought this episode was very, very good. The writing was as good as the previous episode. The cast was amazing and I thought that Chrissy Metz gave a great emotional performance.  The only thing that I might have an issue is the title, for which I don’t get, after watching it three to four times. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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