The Middle (S08E13) “Ovary and Out”

Review: The Middle is finally back after being on a break for a couple of weeks, and this week they bring up an inevitable subject: we’ve often heard Frankie complain about her kids, but when it turns out that she can’t have any more kids, she is feeling a little down. To cheer her up, Mike agrees to babysit the neighbors’ baby for a night, but while Frankie still wants to have the possibility to have a baby, she doesn’t actually want to have one. So when Mike comes home with the baby, she’s not very excited for some obvious reasons: the crying, the feeding and the diapering.

That night, the baby is crying and just doesn’t want to go to sleep so Frankie and Mike take her out for a drive. Reminiscing about doing the same thing when their kids were babies, Frankie gets emotional about how time has gone by and that she will never get to go back to a time when her kids were babies. Mike and Frankie do finally see an upside to all of this too: when you’re kids are all grown up, you can have a pancake breakfast at 1 in the afternoon.

I thought this was a very sweet storyline. While I’m usually not a big fan of babies on TV shows (even if it’s for one episode), it turned out really nice in this episode because of the great work of both Neil Flynn and Patricia Heaton. Seeing Mike with the baby was adorable and the car ride at the end of the episode was really great too.

Meanwhile, Sean visits Axl and Sue at East Indy. Sue is happy to finally have a guy to talk to, as opposed to Axl who isn’t always sensitive and Mike who rather avoids talking to her at all. When Sean meats Lexie the two really hit it off. After the recent development between Lexie and Axl, Lexie realizing that she might have feelings for him and Axl maybe not yet realizing that he might have feelings for her (especially because he’s still in a relationship with April), things get a little awkward. Both Sue and Axl are not sure what they think about their best friends possibly hooking up, but plan to support it anyway. But after hanging out together, both Sean and Lexie realize that they don’t really want to be in a relationship.

Brick is having problems of his own when he transforms his font club into an activity to get more students to join. He’s happy to see that it’s working, but one of the new members, Gibson, turns out to be a mean ‘safont’ so Brick has to up his game. After he loses an epic font showdown, Brick thinks that he should not be leading the font club anymore because Gibson is more qualified. When Gibson reveals that he’s actually in 8th grade and doesn’t even go to the school, Brick is reinstated as the font club’s president.

And Sue does eventually have somebody to talk to. After Mike’s night of babysitting (that might’ve been more for him than for Frankie), he doesn’t mind talking to Sue and so she tells him about the safety cart guy (who we’ve seen in two episodes) she likes. I hope we see him back very soon because I really want to see where things go with him and Sue!

Another funny and also pretty emotional episode. I thought all three plots were great and this episode is a nice setup for some future storylines. It was fun to see Sean and Lexie together and I wonder how long it will take before Axl realizes or admits that he has feelings for Lexie. And while there will not be any more babies for Frankie and Mike, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks!

Rating: 9/10

ICYMI: The Middle got renewed for a 9th season! We still have 10 more episodes to go in season 8, but after that the Hecks will be back in the fall with new episodes!!