Bull: (S01E13) “The Fall”

The world of eSports, video games, gamin and gambling are explored in this episode. Gaming has graduated and is considered a “real” sport, in case you didn’t know. Methinks gambling is the qualifier as well as the expense of equipment and hours and hours of playing. 70 million people were watching at the time the alleged “throwing of the game’ was happening.  

“The Titan Fall” is the Superbowl of gaming.  Jace Rundell, (Omar Maskati) & The Dynasty of DV8 is overthrown  immediately, within minutes of game start! Vin (Jayce Bartok) the owner of the team, accuses Jace of throwing the game, within minutes of losing! Jace is fired, blacklisted & goes from #1 hero to less than zero. Losing this game had cost Vin millions!

Jace sues for defamation. Bull and the team have the burden of proof and he joins Abigail Schuster (Amy Rutberg) attorney for the defense. She makes it clear; she’s the boss and will not be chastised by Bull. She also doesn’t date employees. The attempt to bully Bull was cute. He let her have her way. If he had greater interests (in her) other than the challenge of the case, I didn’t see it; until the end.  His smile was telling and was good to see. But for now, he puts in his ear piece & goes to work with the usual process of jury selection and elimination. The play on the jurors is always interesting to watch, as we can learn so much about ourselves; our strengths and self proclaimed limitations. The power of choice plays heavily as we see ourselves as well as others, based on our perceptions. 

As the trial continues, Bull is watching replays of Jace s movements during the playoffs. What he sees may suggest a neurological disorder; a twitch. Obviously, with this information, someone had bet on the outcome, favoring Dv8 to lose. How did they find out?  I’ll have to watch again.  The main thing is Jace  didn’t throw the game. He confesses to having Parkinson’s. He’s 25 years old. 

Teammate and good friend, Mendel (Nicholas Barasch) is found to have an off shore account. He had placed the biggest bet of his life…winning! The reason for the shadiness is unclear; or I couldn’t hear it.  Yet at odds of 25-1, with a bet of $500 thousand dollars….I’ll just say, “I understand”  Although he was fired by Vin, he can buy his own team now and they can play on his island!

 At the end of the day, Bull convinces Vin, to hire Jace back with benefits, or the media will get wind of Jace’s condition.  Fearing mass sympathy and with a need to be liked; the greedy man agreed!  But It seemed too easy. I guess Vin is familiar with the viciousness of social media.

There was no jury question tonight. I missed that. I play the question throughout the week. It’s fun. Maybe next week, we’ll find out “if a hot dog is a sammich” or who is Amy?

New episodes of Bull usually air, Tuesday’s at 9:00 p.m Pacific Time