Chicago Fire (S05E12): “An Agent of the Machine”


“An Agent of the Machine” was a surprisingly suspenseful episode of Chicago Fire.

I’m not exactly sure if I liked this episode or not. It was certainly attention grabbing, but some points seemed too been-there-done-that. I completely understand the desire to bring trouble into Antonio and Brett’s relationship, but it’s sad to see it end just like that. The jealous ex-wife was a very stereotypical character. Chicago Fire can do better.

Casey’s speech to Dawson was similarly cheesy. I wanted to be emotionally invested in it – in some ways I was – but I excepted more from him. It would have been much better for the whole thing coming from Casey, instead of their friends. I think it would have made it more personal, more meaningful. That’s not to say I didn’t like everyone gathered together celebrating them, because I did. These moments always show how invested the characters are in each other’s lives and I love that. I just wish they’d allowed Casey – who had been planning and thinking about giving the ring to Gabby for a long time – his moment.

“An Agent of the Machine” was a B rated episode – good enough to keep me coming back, but not great enough to stop me in my tracks.