HTGAWM (S03E11): “Not Everything’s About Annalise”  

Review: Not everything’s about Annalise, except everything kind of is. Without Annalise, none of these people would be in this mess.

Though maybe it all started with Frank, who tries to take the heat off Annalise by confessing to Wes’s murder. Which is probably the one murder he didn’t commit. To the cops, he claims he killed Wes because he found out Laurel was pregnant. And, in flashbacks, we see Wes getting into Frank’s car for a lovely chat about Laurel and Annalise. And while the episode does seem to be heading towards Frank maybe being involved, in the end, he lets Wes leave his car. In the present day, he tries and fails to convince the cops that he should be in jail instead of Annalise. Though the security cams near the police station confirm that he at least had contact with Wes the night of the fire, it ultimately does little to get the cops off Annalise’s back.

Bonnie is of more help than Frank. She asks the K4 to help her out by having Oliver hack into the DA’s systems. But Connor refuses to put him through that, confessing that Oliver knows about Sam Keating. With that out in the open, Michaela sets out to fix Connor’s mess. With Annalise in jail, Michaela has risen up as the new her, taking names left and right like a boss. She takes the lead in getting president Hargrove’s lawyer off their backs, makes sure Oliver keeps his mouth shut about all his new knowledge AND then gets him to put his hacking skills to good use. When he succeeds, they find out that it’s not just Wes’s murder that they’re trying to pin on Annalise, but everything else, too. Sam, Lila, Rebecca, Emily Sinclair, the Hapstall  case… the charges will only keep on coming.

Meanwhile, Laurel is still recovering in the hospital, carefully watched by Meggy and visited by Nate. Nate, being the curious fellow that he is, wants the scoop on this whole Frank thing and tells Laurel that Frank confessed to the murder and claimed to know about her pregnancy. But Laurel doesn’t admit telling Frank, presumably stalling to she can figure out what to do. Nate then goes to the man himself, despite Atwood’s initial objections, and confides in him that Wes didn’t die in the fire, but before that.

In addition, Meggy watches Laurel so carefully, that Laurel starts suspecting her. Heck, even I start thinking that she might have something to do with Wes’s death. Laurel promptly shuts her down when she shows up with jelly and starts digging for clues. When the rest of the students come to visit her so they can catch her up on what’s going on with Annalise and brainstorm about which countries they can go to for asylum, she tells them about Meggy. Not sure if we have to prepare for them trying to “fix” this, too.

Finally, Annalise herself is still in jail, adjusting to life behind bars as a “fresh fish”. The ladies in jail prey on Annalise, fully intent on getting her to reach her breaking point. They threaten her in the shower, taunting her with Wes’s murder and even Sam’s. And then, Atwood refuses to give Annalise a deal for immunity, to make her day even worse. As tough as she is, the threats and her dire situation eventually get to her. In a powerful scene, Annalise completely gives in to her new situation, using a razor blade to cut off her weave until there’s nothing left.

After Annalise’s deal for immunity is denied, Bonnie goes to talk to Laurel. She convinces Laurel to fix everything by corroborating Frank’s statement. When the cops show up, she does just that, despite not having any idea she was pregnant before ending up in the hospital. Before they can look too deeply into her lie, she also tells them that she remembers seeing Frank before the explosion, and that he ran out of the basement.

Because of Laurel’s statement, Frank finally gets charged with Wes’s murder. But not instead of Annalise- they charge him as her co-conspirator!

Finally, in the last flashback, we found out that there’s more to the story, as Bonnie and Frank agree not to let Wes out of their sight.