Imposters (S01E01) “My So-Called Wife”

Boy marries girl. Girl steals all of boy’s money and runs away. Boy wants the truth. Imposters is a simple story of mice and cats but in this story the mice is heartbroken.

We star five weeks ahead of what can only be describe as a mess. Plus the FBI knocking on your door. So, what happened? Let’s rewind to a happy couple, those you could envy on the street. That like the PDA. But underneath they aren’t that happy after all… and not a couple because one of them is actually lying.

Just 29 days after getting marry, Ezra will soon discover that everything can change in one morning. Starting with a death in the office (he works in the family business and no, is not a relative) followed by trying to buy a gift for that special someone and the cards getting decline. Insufficient funds, we’ve all been there. Ezra is just not adjusted to getting the short end of the stick.

So, of course he wants to call Ava, the love of his life, but the number has been disconnected. His house is no longer a home: everything of hers is gone. And that’s just the first ten minutes of the show. We are dealing with a pro here.

Although it appears to be going downhill, the pilot, actually called My So-Called Wife, manages to balance the sad parts with truly funny ones while intriguing the audience: Why him? Where are the clues? How long has she been conning him? Who else was in it? Will she get caught?

Hope everything is answered in the coming episodes.

Quotes from the episode:

“When I go I hope it’s laying on top of your mother”
“You will find love again”
“Always wanted to have sex with my brother’s wife”
“They do dramatic things, especially Europeans”