Interview with Echo Kellum from Arrow, who definitely wanted to play a superhero

Echo Kellum is an American actor and comedian who appeared in shows like Hot in Cleveland and Ben and Kate. He is currently best known for the role of Curtis in Arrow.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Arrow got renewed for season 6 and we were fortunate enough to ask Echo first-hand how did he feel about that. “I was clicking around online and on social media and saw it being posted about, and I was blown away! I think I was working that day too, which was really cool.

Curtis appeared in season 4 and there was big talk about him becoming the main role. When Echo got promoted: “It was very awesome. I felt very fortunate that they wanted me to be a part of the show in any capacity, let alone as a series regular. So I felt very blessed for this opportunity.

We can all agree that Curtis has been a ray of light on Arrow from the beginning with his great humor, awkwardness and casualness. Echo thinks so, too. “I like his silliness and his optimism in the darkness. I think it’s something we can all try — being optimistic when things seem a little tumultuous.

Having said that, everybody was curious whether Echo has any similarities with the Arrow character. “Yeah, I’m a big tech geek. I worked at Geek Squad for a couple of years, so there are definitely similarities on the tech side. I’m definitely connected to that.

Actors often say their parents and friends are their biggest fans, so we had to ask Echo whether his family and friends support his work. “They really love the show. My friends are all comic book nerds and they all loved the show before I started on it. They all just feel really proud, and kind of in awe, that I get to be a part of the show.

Turns out that his friends and family are fans of the show, but which character is his personal favorite? “I like Diggle. I like his struggle: being a dad, being the best friend of the guy with the very complicated life, and he’s just there for everyone but still dealing with the issues that he’s going through. I really connect with Diggle.” This even had to be my favorite answer, because I definitely agree that Diggle is a badass!

Stephen Amell portrays another badass, Oliver Queen, and Echo told us how it feels to be working with him:“He is such a great leader and he really leads by example. He makes the set such a good, fun working environment. He’s just really down to earth and an awesome guy.”

The writers dropped a bomb on us when Curtis’ husband told him the double-life that Curtis wants to live just isn’t for him. His role as a team member became even more important in that moment. I was curious to know … What does that mean for Curtis’ future, can he get his husband back? Echo had an answer:“I think you’ll see Curtis kind of getting into his own groove, mixing in some more of his technology aspects with his physical prowess, and that will help him be a good asset to the team. With his husband, that is to be determined, but he will definitely try!”

Having said that, we have to admit that Curtis isn’t just a humorous character, he is also a really cool superhero. Many actors dream of having an opportunity to play one. “I definitely wanted that to happen. I wasn’t sure if it would, but it was definitely something I actively pursued.”

The characters on Arrow get even cooler when they fight.“I try to do any stunts they’ll allow me to do. I’m taking Krav Maga, boxing and Wing Chun right now, so I definitely try and mix it up. I am able to do some stunts, but they have to leave the more dangerous stuff up to the professionals.”

Team Arrow has been fighting numerous villains in this season. The biggest question is, what’s next for Arrow? “You’ll see us really get into the game of Prometheus and what he’s doing there, finding out who that person is and the stakes will be high.”

While mentioning the future, I had to mention the past, too. Echo told us about his favorite scenes on Arrow. “My favorite scene in the whole series is the scene in season two where Moira Queen gets killed by Deathstroke. The favorite one that I’ve filmed is Curtis first going into the lair.”

It seems like Echo likes playing the superhero, but he also said his favorite part about being able to work on a show like Arrow is “the people. The people are really nice, genuine, professional and fun to work with.”

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A thank you goes to Echo Kellum for his time and all of the awesome answers!

Credit: Lesley Bryce