NCIS NOLA: (S03E13) “Return of the King”

Although Pride is often referred to as “King” The King in this case is King of the hackers, Elvis Bertrand. (Tom Arnold)  Last seen this season in episode 2, he’s back to help the NCIS team, solve a case where thousands of classified files are stolen and 4 people are killed on a Federal Server Farm.

An underground “hacktavist” group, “The Collective” was established with an intention of bringing down bad companies and guv’ment, the cyber way.  The trail leads Pride to Elvis, who had been in self imposed hiding.  He’s surfaced to help find his co founder of The Collective, Ethan Beck.  Apparently Ethan has gone rogue. Hackers are not violent in such a way.  Yet the venom of the keystrokes on social media is…I digress.  Of course our beloved Major Hamilton is the first one outed. His sexual exploits and conquest go viral.

 Old wounds open, when the personal emails of the team are released. They all were taken by surprise.  “I never knew you ever felt that way about me!” These exchanges provided light humor to a very busy episode.

 Everybody had opinions of each other at one time or another. Sebastian is annoyed with Pride for something he said regarding his quest to be an agent.  He voiced his doubts. Percy reads one from LaSalle, sent to Pride regarding her qualifications when she was a newbie. She’s very pissed at her country mouse. They both are annoyed with Gregorio. (shocking) When  she was investigating the team for the Feds, she reported that LaSalle & Percy are probably having an affair. She admits, she thought they were, for they “have a certain, vibe!” I smiled. I also loved it when these two were on their way to a shoot out; riding on an ATV, biker and biker chic style. Too cute!

 In other light moments, Sebastian has a man crush. He gets to work with his hero and idol, Elvis.  He’s the reason Sebastian took to the keyboard and all cyber things. Elvis is flattered, although Sebastian being all over him like a fangirl is creepy, he says!  It was adoration at it’s finest.

Further into the investigation, Ethan is murdered in a staged overdosed. A gang related subplot is inserted here. Former gang member, Damon Yang, (Lawrence Kao) with stellar cyber skills had joined The Collective. He used the organization to find his daddy, who is in the custody of the CIA.  It seems like a bit much, yet family ties run deep and what do I know?  People kill for much less. The 4 killed at the Federal Farm was sadly collateral damage.

It was a good show; with just enough lightness added in to bring some sense of balance to the crime, punishment and craziness on our screens. And it’s always a fun episode with Elvis. He reversed the cyber attack…’making all things new”  so only the emails with kind words are released. The team is smiling again.

‘Looking forward to another “crisis of cyber” anything that will bring him back.  Until then, ‘Elvis has left the building”

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