Supernatural (S12E11) “Regarding Dean”

Don’t you just love it when the episode opens up to THEN & NOW. It helps us get a jest of what will happen, well this go round were dealing with Witches! Oh yes! The boys have been through some crazy crap when it comes to mainly Witches! I wonder what new trouble lies for the boys.

We see in the beginning that Dean is chasing a wounded man in the woods. We have no clue who this guy is, but as the way things are going Dean doesn’t like him. The mysterious man has one last attempt of getting away, by drawing rune signs on  a tree. Purple Light and all vanish! I was thinking that Dean was transported somewhere new or locked in an alternate universe, nope. He woke up, phone cracked, got mistaken for a homeless man, but was able to get a phone and call Sam. He has no idea where he is, yet he has food on the brain. Waffles anyone?

Sam meets up at the diner with a hungry Dean who recalls nothing of his long night. He even got a good morning slap in the face for forgetting a beautiful chick. Dean really did have a long night, but him forgetting his night isn’t the worst of there problems. Through out pretty much the whole show, Dean si forgetting everything! The case that they were working on to track down a witch who was after a big business man, forgot that. Almost hurt baby, he literally forgot how to reverse..really. Even forgot that the key to the car was the circular one. What scared Sammy the most was that for a split moment he forgot his name was Dean. That right there should tell you something is wrong.

Another fun moment, would be when they went to go visit the body of the dead victim. He had a stomach full of money with a dash of hex bags. Sam is very calm, cause they’ve seen a lot of bodies. But Dean on the other hand, dealing with memory loss, he was about to hurl. Found that freaking hilarious! At this point Sam has to help retrace Dean’s steps to help him recall things..but it just get harder and harder. They go back to the gusy office, no go. They go to the bar where he was at, still a no go. But they do get some information. He had a lot to drink, rode the bull (literally), and ran out to chase a man on his hit list. This is where Sammy gets all techie, goes through the camera footage and notices that, it’s there guy. They aim for the woods and Dean forgets more. Sam literally has to explain what a hunter is and what there hunting. I kid you not, Dean is such a big old kid! He finds all this so freaking cool! Til they find there witch dead.

Before I forget, they did ask for Rowina’s help. She told Sam that if she killed the witch then the spell would be broken but that didn’t work. An were now finding out that were dealing with an ancient family who has one kick ass spell book! So Sam goes in alone of course to get the book but he gets his ass kicked, so Rowina has to go herself but knock Dean out first; Dean also had an emotional scene in the mirror of the restroom. Where he kept reciting his name, who he was, and that he has a brother. He was crying because he knows he was forgetting it all. An it’s hurting him.

Rowina then has an epic witch battle with the crazy white haired bitch who pretty much insulted her. An how she was in the past. Dean wakes up in the car to sticky notes (gosh I love stick notes) telling him to stay in the car, but he gets out and opens the trunk, Trunk says OPEN ME, another note says WITCH KILLING BULLETS AND GUN, and the very large weapon Dean wanted to use when he had his memory…Sam put a note on there that said NO. We all saw that coming. Dean was able to save the day of course even though he almost shot his brother. Sam had to pull the, Brother (points to himself) & Witch (points to bad guy) so Dean could get it.

Rowina does change him back to his good old self. Although she will miss that Dean but she did warn him if he remembered anything to let her know. For she did tell him a secret or two, I mean why not, he was going to forget anyways.

(I might be forgetting something, I’ll add it later)