The Flash (S01E12) “Untouchable”

Okay this episode could’ve been better in many ways but I feel like just so that they could tease us about no one being fast enough to save Iris from her fate. I mean this whole episode was just a filler and normally I don’t mind filler episodes but this one was just a bit of a disappointment. Granted it was nice to see Barry training Wally in the way evil Wells did with Barry in season 1 but other than that the filler parts bored me but lets get to the recap.

In this episode: Barry (Grant Gustin) is training Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) to become fast enough to stop Iris (Candice Patton) death in the next three months. Barry decides to have him and Wally race across the city with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) planted speed monitors all over the city to keep track of the race. H.R.(Tom Cavanagh) bet on Wally to win the race, everyone else bet on Barry to win. Barry and Wally start the race and the monitors then reveal Wally was winning until Barry phased through the wall to gain the lead which made Barry win the race.

Barry tells Wally its time he starts training everything he knows to Wally. Barry and Julian (Tom Felton) investigate on a body that decayed within just hours. When Julian then decides to take the body back to CCPD, Barry suggests to Julian to take the body back to Star Labs to investigate in what caused the decay at an accelerated rate. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Julian then decide to begin the autopsy only to realize after they stop arguing the body turned into ash within seconds.

When Barry speeds Julian back to the lab with a new decayed corpse, Caitlin and Julian start all over again before the body has the time to turn to ash. Julian and Caitlin make a discovery in how to stop the meta-human Clive Yorkin (Matthew Anderson) whose turning people into decayed corpses. But when Barry notices a connection between the people already killed they find out the meta-human is going after people who were police officers in Flashpoint timeline. Barry then tries to get Joe (Jesse L. Martin) to go into protection in Star Labs but he refuses.

That day Joe, Barry, Iris, and Wally all meet Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) daughter Joanie (Riley Jade) when Joanie reveals what her best thing to see in Central City is which is Kid Flash/Wally (only she doesn’t know Wally is Kid Flash). The conversation then turns into a debate in whose the best hero and whose faster The Flash (Grant Gustin) or Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) but Joe says he thinks both are heroes, but all is ruined when Clive Yorkin tries to kill Joe but fails thanks to Wally.

When Clive fails to kill Joe, he goes after Iris; Wally races to Barry and Iris’s loft to save Iris only to get there too late. Wally races Iris to Star Labs for the team to save Iris. When Julian finds a way to slow the process by having Caitlin use her powers to freeze the decaying. Caitlin and Julian then find a way to stop Clive, but Cisco has an idea in how to find Clive. Cisco then vibes on Barry through the Flashpoint timeline to find out who all caught Clive to see who hes going after next. Cisco then says the name “Stone” which Joe knows the name which shes a personal investigator in their timeline.

Clive then chooses to decay the tracks to make the train derail and kill both Joe and P.I. Stone (Caitlin Stryker) when Barry and Wally get the notification from Joe’s alert signal Barry and Wally race over, Wally makes a suggestion of racing to save everyone out of the train before it derails but Barry has a better plan to make the whole train phase through the wreckage and continue on route. Barry then speeds in the train to prepare himself for the phasing, as Barry phases the train begins to phase through the wreckage saving all of the lives on board. Wally then takes his blood and finally phases through Clive to stop him from using his powers and save Iris’s life.

In the end of the episode: Jessie (Violett Beane) speeds through a breech to tell Wally, her dad has been taken by Grodd and has been taken to Gorilla City!

Next Episode: The Flash(S03E13):”Attack on Gorilla City” airs Tuesday February 21, 2017