The Magicians (S02E03) “Divine Elimination” Review

Each episode is getting darker! Quentin, Alice, Margo, and Penny head back to Fillory to find Elliot sitting on his cursed throne (that was cursed by Martin the Beast). He starts to become paranoid and the other crowned kings and queens of Fillory start to plot to kill each other as well once they sat on their thrones. Penny always has to keep everyone from destroying themselves. Elliot’s wife tells Penny that they need to let the curse run it’s course… but without all of them ending up dead. Meanwhile Julia, Martin, and Marina try summoning Reynard in order to kill him. Just as Marina’s chant was picking up speed, Martin whisks Julia away saying that the Fox God would have smelled her and not come. Seeing that the chant didn’t bring Reynard, Marina stormed home. Julia and Martin return to the safe house to find Marina gone. Martin figured that the Fox followed Marina home. Penny and Elliot’s wife have syringes filled with poisons and antidotes which Elliot, Quentin, Alice, and Margo grab killing each other. Margo was the last one standing when the curse made her kill herself. Marina goes home to find Reynard waiting for her. She had unwittingly locked them both inside with her many wards. Julia and Martin arrive at Marina’s place but Martin has to unlock her many wards.


Penny revives everyone breaking the curse but Alice is running out of “god juice”. Elliot, Margo, and Penny go and set up a trap for the Beast. Quentin and Alice go off in a carriage and talk about them. Quentin is determined to win Alice back but not as a prize but because he sees her as an amazing person even more so now that she’s showing her true potential. Alice was still unsure but I think she is still in love with Quentin. They’re two awkward dorks that belong together. Reynard is a god who likes to play with his food as he tortures Marina who tried to put on a brave front. Marina gets shaken when Reynard turns her cat inside out. Poor Cupcake! Then when Marina tries to fight back he bites off one of her fingers. The Fox is ready to bite off more pieces when Julia and Martin finally break through and freeze the fox in his tracks.


Quentin and his friends set up the trap and Penny travels back to Earth to get Martin. He comes at the worst possible time when Julia is about to make her move and gut Reynard. Penny grabs Martin while Julia grabs Penny leaving Marina and the god to fight over the moon stone dagger. Who will win? Julia ends up in the triangle trap as Alice starts powering up to destroy Martin. Quentin dives in to get Julia free of the blast, breaking the barrier but Alice’s attack isn’t direct leaving Martin weak and he escapes. Julia is furious but Penny takes her back to Earth. They argue but then one of Penny’s hands starts to misbehave again. Out of spite Julia tears off his other charm bracelet and runs off leaving Penny phasing in and out all over the place. Julia gets to Marina’s place to find Marina dead and Reynard and the dagger gone. Martin returns to the well only to find Ember there. Holy crap! Literally holy crap as Ember defecated in the magic well! Either Ember is a total genius or a complete imbecile. Martin decides to take his frustration out on Quentin and Alice who followed him back to the well. Ember pops back over to Margo and Elliot and with a flick of his wrist sends them to where Alice and Quentin are fighting the Beast. Martin fires off a spell that Quentin dives in front of Alice to shield her, getting severely injured. Alice faces off against the Beast and it looks like she has the upper hand but when she tries to do a big spell she burns out like her brother did in season 1. She disappears but appears again as a niffen, a spirit of pure magic and a total sociopath. Alice rips the Beast a real new one but that Blue Moth escapes so maybe Martin will be back. Alice suddenly turns on Quentin, Elliot, and Margo. Seeing no other way to stop her, Quentin uses his smoke demon killing Alice, which leaves him an emotional wreck.


A+! This season looks darker than the first. Reynard turning that cat inside out giving it a slow agonizing death still makes me cringe. I didn’t like Julia but then she went through a trauma and I felt sorry for her but now I’m back to disliking her. It’s hard to root for someone when they have a habit of screwing people over. Julia could be a great witch but she’s totally self destructive leaving chaos in her wake for everyone else to clean up. Quentin is still her friend (her only friend looks like) but how long is that going to last before she burns that bridge again? Penny is still awesome even with his wandering hands. He’s the opposite of Julia where he acts like he doesn’t care and he always says he doesn’t need anyone but Penny didn’t leave his comrades behind even when they started going all crazy and turning on each other. Hopefully Alice comes back from the dead because she’s my favorite character.