Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2: Could its newly uncovered psychological aspects be evidence that the quirky musical is taking place in the main character’s head? 

When Crazy Ex-Girlfriend first returned for its 2nd season, it was arguable as to whether or not the show had lost the spark it creatively created in its first season. I mean, the first 2-3 episodes this season were rather flavorless as the show seemed to have fell in a puddle of its own lack-of-direction and repetitiveness. Even the musical motifs weren’t as good as they were last season and disappointingly this is something that didn’t change throughout the season. Though there were two or three awesome motifs throughout this season, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend failed to keep this aspect consistent and interesting. But maybe they were self-aware of their substandard kick off to the season from the get go? Sarcastic musicals hinting at budgets cuts and low ratings may have in fact been allusions their self-awareness.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend didn’t present anything new story-wise for its first few episodes as most characters fell back into the same situations we left them last season . Though the season finale might’ve gave the impression we would get a Rebecca-Josh dysfunctional relationship throughout most of season 2, things fell apart quite quickly for the 2 -well until they got back together and fell apart again of course- and the love triangle involving Greg was rekindled. But luckily not for long as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend showed its first sign of a sense-of-direction when Greg left the show, demolishing the very back and forth love triangle which would’ve became somewhat tiresome if it had continued any longer. Greg was a huge lost for show of course, the looming emptiness that haunted a few episodes after his departure made this evident. Greg was a much more favorable character over Josh (too bad Rebecca didn’t move to West Covina for him I guess), but maybe his departure should be looked at as a happy ending for the character.

Greg’s departure was followed up by a series of zealous events but definitely not far-fetched for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s standards. Rebecca broke up with Josh; became friends with Valencia; and went through some friendship problems with Paula, and thus causing the show to go through continuous tone switches, amounting up to be a rom-com that was more sadistic than fun. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continued down this sadistic path rekindling the romance between Josh and Rebecca many viewers rather not see, which was kind of a big unanticipated jump in narrative considering Josh had a new girlfriend only 2-3 episodes ago before Rebecca came back into his picture. Definitely evidence of bad pacing here, and next thing we knew they were getting married, which was a great indicator of just how bad Rebecca’s mental state was becoming. Her insanely bad decision making got worse and worse as the season progress, and even her subconscious creating figment representations of the truth were not enough to enlighten her. Speaking of, the Devil Winds motif was weeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiird , hilarious and made viewers laugh way more than they should’ve.

Upon this point the show was desperately missing the reactions from Heather, Valencia, etc. to the very fast development of Rebecca and Josh. There screen-time seemed to have been sacrificed for the new character Nathaniel, which at fist seemed to be Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just inching away from another love triangle, thank god it wasn’t. When the minor characters finally got some screen-time they all seemed to just shrug to the fact that Josh and Rebecca were getting married despite being obviously incompatible. But was this the only just one of many problems Crazy Ex-Girlfriend faced this season? The nail-biting season finale may have proved otherwise. After a whole season of lighthearted jokes and fun motifs mixed in with sad moments and melodramatic storytelling, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s finale settled on a dark tone and got starkly real. It sort of felt like a big pay off for both seasons actually as the show finally took a dive into Rebecca’s psyche and uncovered the disturbing truth about the character. Mentally unstable is most suitable phrase to use in her case, as her past came back to haunt her we got a first hand look at just how crazy this crazy ex-girlfriend is. Her issues of course – as of most people’s issues – stems from the abandonment from her father. Rebecca is drawn to men who are like her father because she’s desperately trying to play out a scenario where he doesn’t leave her. Which begs the question as to whether or not Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was deliberately leading up to this point all along. I think they were, and after a few average episodes it seemed like everything Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has ever done in the last 2 seasons was to feed this big payoff. This was craziest we have ever seen Rebecca before. No other scene, past or present, had that amount of realness to it since the very beginning before she dumps her pills, and it sparks doubt as to whether or not most of the events that happened throughout most of the series were actually real. Let’s not leave out the possibility that the whole show itself might be happening inside Rebecca’s mind of which she herself could be an unreliable narrator. Even the new theme song for the show was a product of Rebecca’s psyche.

Well another aspect to support this theory is how Crazy Ex-Girlfriend many times before implied that characters breaking into songs and dance were just an result of Rebecca’s mental state, but have yet to explain why other characters also breaks out into musical frenzies when Rebecca is nowhere in sight. Well all theories aside, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 though it got off to a bad start, proved how essential the show still is by highlighting its psychological aspects. There were a few pacing problems but that definitely did not stop the season from being on par with its first. The show is still very funny and the musical motifs are still clever though not as many songs landed this season, but the ones that did were great. The recurring cast at Rachel’s office is expanded upon to great effect. Most importantly, the show goes to greater efforts to break down rom-com stereotypes looking Rachel’s psyche and expectations through a blend of humor, horror, and sympathy.