Legion (S01E01) “Chapter 1”



Legion is based in the marvel universe. In knowing only that while stepping into the shoes of David Haller (Dan Stevens), you are met with the expectations that there is a twisted world to behold. Mental illness has plagued David’s life since childhood, everything he experienced has been explained away by a simple diagnosis, paranoid schizophrenia. Heavily medicated and convinced that insanity is his only way of life he is trapped in the never-ending cycle of psychiatric care.

Currently institutionalised at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, David has become accustomed to the comings and goings that come with life in the loony bin. There is an eclectic assortment of patients that make this sterile environment home. Being a man of few words, besides the incessant voices inside his head, David has bonded with a chatty and optimistic drug and alcohol addict named Lenny (Aubrey Plaza).

David has been lost in the system for years and instead of the medicines helping with the process they don’t seem to be doing anything at all. It takes a new patient, Syd (Rachel Keller) to begin to awaken another part in him that has been dormant for a long time. The medication and the constant reminder that he is a mentally unstable have clouded his mind and vision. Syd breaches the subject that perhaps his problems aren’t in his head, they may not even be problems at all, just part of what makes him the person he is.

Now the first part of episode one may seem like it is something straight out of a cheesy romance novel, but it is merely preparing you for the twists and turns to come. So if you turned it off when things were getting gooey I highly recommend that you look past those moments and look forward to the imminent destruction on the horizon. You will not be disappointed.

We are suddenly transported into the middle of a police interrogation room, with David being grilled by a detective. He had been retelling his story to this audience that seems to be fearful of him. By now there have been other snippets that we have seen that perhaps he wasn’t crazy after all, instead plagued with powers that he couldn’t comprehend yet. I mean this is the world where mutant’s run rampant so it is completely plausible.

Before I go any further I must say that this show is one that definitely messes with your mind. You know that feeling you get when you see something out of the corner of your eye and when you turn there is nothing there? That is what this show does. It makes you question what is going on and you don’t want to look away from the screen in fears that you will miss one little tidbit. It’s unsettling in the best way possible.

There is a bigger picture here and it opens up wide when you realize that David is being held in some secret secure hub instead of in a police headquarters. He has been watched closely and they want to know more of him and his emerging powers. Not only is David a mutant, but he is possibly one of the most powerful one they have ever encountered.

The story jumps back and forth as David tries to recollect the “incident” that happened back at Clockwork’s. Syd and David had become very close and after it came out that she was leaving the facility he couldn’t let her go without a goodbye kiss, this would’ve been sweet in any other situation, but you know things can never be that easy, instead of heeding Syd’s warning that she should never be touched, a simple kiss set of a very deadly chain reaction. Including body swapping and an untimely demise for poor Lenny.

David is starting to become more self-aware the more he talks about his past. It’s dangerous for those who are asking the questions, and they find out the hard way that he cannot be contained. Even when they threaten to shock him with high voltage tied down in the middle of a swimming pool, that doesn’t detain him for long. Especially when he is made aware that help is on the way.

It seems as though Syd and her band of misfits have decided to head up the rescue mission, and we are met with one of the most explosive getaway scenes I have witnessed in a while. It brings a dynamic force that you don’t see from a lot of series these days.  It is clear that mutant’s are alive and well in this world. 

This is just the beginning for David as a new world opens up for him with like-minded individuals. Now will they truly be friends? Or will they end up just like everyone else in the end. Using him for the unfathomable powers that rest inside? I’m looking forward to finding out! This series pushes the boundaries but keeps you wanting more.

Now THIS is an origin story.



Rating: 9.5/10


Next Episode airs Wednesday February 15th on FX 10 ET/PT.