Star: (S01E07) “Black Wherever I Go”

The show opens at Danielle Jackson’s (Jasmine Burke) funeral.  It’s a full body service. She’s in a casket.  Gladys Knight (herself) speaks tearfully on the loss of her niece. Kelly Price (herself) sings a Capella, during well placed flashbacks of Danielle.  The pain and frustration of this tragic and unnecessary loss was seen on the faces of all attendees through out the service.  There are just no words that can justify these tragedies that seem to be a part of the day to day…nationwide!  Sadly, the struggle is real. This episode is about something. The “pathological narcissist, Star not so much.  Refreshing. *

During the repast, Derek asks Alexandria and the girls to sing during a protest at the Atlanta Police Station. Black Lives Matter. However, Pastor Bobby, doesn’t agree. “All things in prayer”

Meanwhile, Jahil shuts down Eva, when she greets him in Spanish. He knows she speaks fluent English and then realized, she wanted him to know! They agree that they’re both hustlers as she starts to undress him, per his request.

Back at the salon, Alexandra and Simone have said, “yes” to the protest; yet they both question Star’s commitment. This is an important event, not a social outlet for Star.  She agrees to behave and goes off to see Hunter, promising to return later and in time for rehearsal and the protest. 

Mama Hunter, Arlene, visits Jahil and reminds him she”knows where the bodies are buried” so he’d better do something about Star.  She referenced that suggested three-way.  Star suggesting she join her and Hunter in bed was just…tacky and over the top, even for Star.  She remains upset about that.  I have to agree. Eva over hears the conversation and goes to Hunter to “innocently” suggest he take Star on a vacation.  She’s been working so hard and needs to get away, she sells! He agrees.

Later, Eva insinuates herself into “Big Trouble” She  sings with the girls, when Star doesn’t show up.  She’s actually very good. She sang her part in spanish, adding another dynamic and more color to the group.  And she appeared genuinely humble and caring during the performance. Methinks the crowd picked up on that.  She’s sly, slick and sneaky. But I like her!  She even surprised Jahil! She’s dangerous and he likes it! Star arrives and the look on her face while she stood in the crowd was priceless! *

No protest is complete with out “The Agitators” The usual beatings, bust up, destructive and disruptive behavior is set off and Derek is arrested. *

Jahil is given something in Arlene’s closet to stop her threats, thanks to Ed, (Alex Van) her incarcerated husband and Hunter’s daddy.  Otis’ body is found by construction workers.  Alexandra can’t get any news on Derek, so she goes to look for him in somebody’s car. She is pulled over by the police and arrested!* 

 I must say, this headline news, current events and based on true stories episode, was a nice diversion from the usual soapiness and “where are you going with this” antics of this show.  It had just enough realism to make me care about the characters, what they could be up to and in some cases, their well being. We are mid way through this season; hopefully this touch of realism will continue.  A real musical drama with some substance, is a good thing.  For the first time, I see this potential.  

 Fox’s Star new episodes usually air, Wednesday’s at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Key: (*) worth the eye strain