Suits (S06E13): “Teeth, Nose, Teeth”


Teeth, Nose, Teeth

The last episode (The Painting, 6×12) captured most of the mains trying to work their way through things that have been haunting them in every day life as they knew It, but ‘Teeth, nose, teeth’ presents to us some new beginnings.

Despite the fact that it started out with Mike and Rachel’s plan to ask Harvey and Donna to be their best man and maid of honor at the wedding and even have the ceremony at Harvey’s place (so much romance and friends cuteness) it escalated into something completely different very quickly. 

We have been teased throughout the hiatus that Donna is going to get her own storyline but what the start of it turned out to be surprised most of the audience. Like Rachel voiced in the episode ‘it is a cute joke’ but if there is one thing that seems to always hold with Suits is that you cannot be quick to judge. Despite the fact that Benjamin recorded Donna for the better part of two years (which btw, yes it is creepy but she is Donna and I think it took her about 0.5 seconds to figure out his intentions were never coming out of something concerning other than his disability to really figure out how to live in this social world) and made a device called ‘The Donna’ with which she had some hilarious interactions throughout the episode, we already saw traces of something deeper towards the end.

A lot of people think Donna is just this funny, self-loving and amazingly smart person, probably because the show usually portrays her as the emotional compass, the voice of reason and everyone’s rock. But there is so much more to her and as this storyline continues to unfold, I have a feeling that we will see this develop into something deeper and meaningful, because she might be in touch with how everyone else feels but her own emotions seem to not only be a mystery to us, but also herself.

Someone who has struggled with his emotions in a different way throughout the whole show and has always found himself in conflicts with others because of that is Louis. I think this could have possibly been one of the episodes that highlighted his ongoing growth as a person on a very important and enjoyable level. Many viewers have felt that his relationship with Tara came out of nowhere and escalated too quickly for their taste (but we have to admit- it was so Louis of him to do all that) but in this episode that was voiced by both of them as well. Louis really tried to adjust to the situation of sharing this baby with his biological father and although he managed to rise above and show up, his reaction to Joshua not being able to do the same sort of opened Tara’s eyes to the fact that she doesn’t know him that well and decided to go through baby’s first sonogram alone.

Despite the struggle and reality they both faced regarding their relationship and family-to-be situation in this episode, it resulted In bringing them closer and really starting to build a good basis for this relationship to be able to succeed- getting to know each other better.

But Louis has Harvey to thank for a huge part of how things unfolded for now. He served him some much needed truth, but also reminded him that at the end of the day, despite how unfortunate the situation might be for him, ‘There is nothing more important than family’ and not only did that give guidance to Louis, but also gave us some amazing insight into how Harvey has been growing and his true views on life.

We could also see that in this episode with the way he was able to quickly resolve his issues with Mike (and smile when that boy straight up impressed the fandom with that Donna comment, *cough*) and deal with the situation of a new possible ‘villain’, which brings me to Rachel.

She has reached that point in her life where she is going to face the Bar and she seems to have been aware of the fact that it was going to be harder for her than any law student with her results and experience, because of her work situation and relationship with Mike. But it gets worse than she ever imagined as she doesn’t even manage to get an interview and defend herself. Despite the fact that it was expected to happen, it turns out to be even more complicated as there is a member of the ethics committee (ironic) who needs Harvey’s help with covering up the traces of his affair and tanking down the company of his former lover who stole an idea that he was counting on using.

Rachel doesn’t know the details but finds out throughout the episode that Louis and Harvey did all they could to help her get an interview and as far she knows she is getting one, but it still remains to be seen how the two managing partners deal with the issue at hand first.

Despite Rachel’s personal growth and rise as a person from the start of the show, there seems to be one thing she shares with Mike personality-wise which is her faith in the world and her superpowers. She wants to get into the bar, marry a fraud, stay at the firm that hired that fraud and be a lawyer. Now by no means should her personal life choices affect her ability to do what she is good at and feels passionate about, but her idea of doing things all at the same time without compromise doesn’t correlate with the real world.

Mike, in this episode, makes us think that he will prove us this side of him has been reshaped into something more mature because of his experience in prison and how that scarred him. He is going through problems with his case at the legal clinic and being stuck with a lawyer who doesn’t do well in court but unable to save a struggling mother living in an apartment that’s causing even more medical complications to a child with asthma. He seems to find his purpose in the ability to help people like her, to truly affect someone’s life but while Harvey is trying to help someone who doesn’t deserve that at all in order to make it possible for Rachel to get the chance she deserves, he ends up offering Mike a chance to get into the bar too.

The past few episodes made us think that he wasn’t going to come back to the world of Pearson Specter Litt for a while, but maybe because of his faith in his superpowers, a wish to be back or just practical benefits that come with taking this chance, he finishes the thirteenth episode of this season by saying that ‘he is in’. And that seems to be each character’s attitude towards the new beginnings presented in 6×13.

Next episode titled ‘Admission of Guilt’ airs next week. What are you guys most excited about?