Chicago PD (S04E13): “I Remember Her Now”

This episode of Chicago PD was fresh and intriguing.

Halstead plays a huge role in “I Remember Her Now,” which I really enjoyed. Jay was the best person to handle this job. He genuinely cared about these girls, and was equally distressed when he thought he had been tricked.

I never fully understood Platt’s frustration for not remembering Sam. It seems so impractical to me that she would be expected to remember everyone who came to her desk each day. And the significance of not being able to answer Erin’s question was lost to me. With that said, the ending with Sam’s burial service was sweet.

“I Remember Her Now” differentiated itself from other episodes for focusing solely on one case, but wasn’t overly emotional in anyway. It was enjoyable to watch, and I ho[e we get similar episodes in the future.

Rate: A-