Emerald City (S01E07) “They Came First”

Every episode I watch of this series gets better and better with every single one. I truly love this series and I as well as so many others hope there ends up being a renewal at NBC. This episode truly showed Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) compassionate side and I never in my many years of watching and reading Wizard of Oz stories imagined I would see a version of West that is compassionate but they showed it and it makes me even more of a fan of West. I even didn’t expect the decisions that Dorothy did in this episode keeping tons of secrets from Lucas its like what the hell? No wonder he chooses Glinda over you Dorothy!

In this episode: We see The Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) going on the hunt for the young witches that he believes are being hidden with families in his own city. Having his men tear through the town breaking into homes taking all of the young girls in hopes to find the witches. The Wizard then makes a visit to West (Ana Ularu) but in her state of having to remember what she had done in the past made her not feeling too well. The Wizard asks her what is wrong with her and she explains it was her magic before that helped wipe out the first army of witches made by her mother’s hands; The Wizard then requests for her services to find out if any of the girls he had taken from their homes are indeed witches.

Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini) is heading back to her kingdom, filled with grief over her father’s death and stressed over becoming Queen in the exact same day. In her anger she threw Jack (Gerran Howell) out of the carriage and left him in the nightmare forest (you know the creepy forest in the old Wizard of Oz movie that we saw Tin Man all rusted up in, yeah that forest). Jack then makes his way through the forest in hope to getting out on his own.

Meanwhile, Dorothy (Adria Arjona) talks to Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) and decides to help her begin to control her powers of super hearing by having her concentrate on only the sound of a dove nearby. When Sylvie succeeds, Dorothy then chooses to play a game with Sylvie called ‘Somewhere Over’ (I swear I was waiting for that moment for someone on this episode to break out into song of the old song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’) Dorothy and Sylvie begin to have fun with the game. But Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) asks Dorothy if she doesn’t want to give up Sylvie. Dorothy at first denies it and wants to go on with the plan. Without knowing so, Dorothy revealed to Lucas shes been lying to Lucas about The Wizard, that hes agreed to help her as long as she helps him but doesn’t say how.

Back at the Emerald City, West senses through the chamber of the Wizard’s castle of the young girls but none of them are the witches. The Wizard demands how she knows, West tells The Wizard when they come across one of the witches they will know. Some of the Wizard’s guards chase Jinjur (Lily Newmark) through out the city to corner her in a oil compound where Jinjur sets fire and destruction to the building killing the guards. The Wizard then gets word about a little girl who was being chased inside of there. West then goes into the burning building to bring the little girl out and promises her she will keep her safe. But The Wizard has other plans to bring a cage and lock her up forcing Jinjur to release an unstoppable inferno, but West uses her protective magic to surround Jinjur in the blaze. The Wizard then chooses to lock down the city. In the end Jinjur used up all of her magic.

Jack rusting and stuck in the forest then comes to Lady Ev, who helps him with an oil can bringing release to Jack’s metallic structure. Jack then goes back to Lady Ev’s castle with her and apologizes for what she did. Lady Ev then confesses to Jack the only one who saw her without her masks is her father and now that her father is dead she feels she must let someone else who she deeply cares for to see her true face. But Jack tells her to keep the mask on, he can already see her true face. The two end up kissing and possibly doing more than that but thats only speculation.

Back at Emerald City, West takes Jinjur’s dying body into the yellow fields, Tip (Jordan Loughran) suggests to West to put the girl’s soul out of misery and kill her without using magic. West denies and chooses to use her magic taking the girl’s soul and releasing it into the world. West truly saddened by having to kill a powerful witch that could’ve done much good for the land of Oz. West looks at Tip’s dagger seeing something familiar about it; she demands from Tip where she got that dagger. Tip tells West she stole it when she escaped the place she was being held against her will for years. West tells Tip the dagger belongs to someone of greatness, its the missing dagger of the princess of the east (or was it south…it was one of them).

Meanwhile with Dorothy and Lucas, Dorothy awakes in Lucas’s arms truly happy. Lucas has a proposition for Dorothy about staying at the little house on the way to Glinda’s palace. But Dorothy then reveals to Lucas she lied to him again about her agenda for the Wizard. She reveals to Lucas that the true plan for the Wizard is to speak with Glinda, help her see that war is not the answer or kill her if she truly has to. Lucas and Dorothy then have a big argument which forces Sylvie to go into a powerful spell casting forcing the house they are in to twist and turn. Dorothy then assures Sylvie shes not going anywhere and asks Sylvie if she would like to come to Kansas with her. Sylvie says yes and asks “Somewhere?” Dorothy agrees they will play the game more when they get back to Kansas.

In the end of the episode: Dorothy and Lucas then head inside Glinda’s palace where they are greeted by Ryenne (Lily Newmark) when Lucas tells Ryenne he’s here to see Glinda (Joely Richardson) but Ryenne tells Lucas, he’s welcome to see Glinda but Dorothy is not allowed to see her. Glinda then tells Ryenne its alright and Glinda thanks Dorothy for bringing back two important people in her life back to her. Glinda then kisses Lucas and he then remembers who he truly loved which is Glinda.

Next episode: Emerald City(S01E08):”Lions In Winter” airs Friday February 17, 2017