Powerless (S01E02) “Wayne Dream Team”

Can you combine being a boss and friend with her team? Emily tries to balance it out.

This week’s episode deals when Emily and her team gets word of their latest idea, the rumbrella, gets the go ahead to be made and tested. Emily tells Van that her team will get it done before the end of the week but after they tested it out, there was a set back and Emily wants them to work on it more. But when Fantasy Superhero League draft is about to begin, she tries to be nice about it.

She ask Sam Greene from HR for help and cause even more trouble when she asked to block the fantasy league website but just blocked the internet expect LinkedIn. The team decides to investigate it and try to get the internet back, but figures out it was HR or Van and mess with Van’s photo job that he had done.

When Sam sees it, he orders everyone to watch a anti-bullying tape for their punishment. But Emily tells him that he was harsh about it, but then he spells the beans about how she asked him to block the fantasy site. So she asked Sam that instead of having everyone watch the video, she’ll watch it that lasted for 24 hours.

The team seems how long she has been in the room watching the video and after she’s been twitching, they pull her out of there. They calm her down and accepts her as a boss but will get to know her as a friend. As they worked on their fantasy superhero league picks, she picked Crimson Fox over Batman (I would say wrong move! Never go against Batman but since I’ve seen Crimson Fox in the first episode it was a good choice.)  But choosing Fox was the underdog pick out of the group.

“Wayne Dream Team” was another hilarious episode. The writing was so amazing with such great scenes from Emily and Jackie getting breakfast/lunch or Emily trying to make a whiplash nose after Van told how great she whipped her team into shape and it sounded real awkward. Hudgens and the cast was outstanding once again and even though it’s only been the second episode, I’m placing this show in my top five of favorite new comedies of the season. Even Van and Jackie’s storyline about Van being cut out of the Dream Team photo was great too.

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You can catch Powerless Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.