Grey’s Anatomy (S13E01 – S13E09)

S13E01 “Undo”
Review: Season 12 left off with Alex beating up DeLuca. After being the bad-turned-good-guy for quite some time now, Alex lost it. He jumped to conclusions seeing DeLuca in his appartment laying on top of Jo. It looked bad and DeLuca is beaten so badly that hospital treatment is neccessary. Alex is the one to bring DeLuca to the hospital claiming DeLuca forced himself on Jo. The fact that Alex himself is actually responsible for DeLuca injuries isn’t immediately clear. Except for Meredith. When she hears about it she leaves Owen and Amelia’s wedding to check the situation. She suspects Alex, but gives him the benefit of the doubt whether or not DeLuca really forced himself on to Jo. In the meantime Meredith keeps Alex updated on DeLuca’s status.

Owen and Amelia got married! And April and Jackson’s baby is named Harriet. And no, Jackson’s mom really dislikes the name ‘harriet’.

In the end of the episode the part Alex played in DeLuca’s beat-up is crystal clear. DeLuca is pressing charges so the big question is if Alex will go to jail for assaulting DeLuca.


S13E02 “Catastrophe And The Cure”
Review: Alex is charged with felony assault in the second degree. The doctors are still shaken up about the whole situation and people are picking sides. It’s team Alex vs. Team DeLuca, although it seems more like Alex vs. Team DeLuca. Except for Meredith, who is loyal and stays by Alex’s side. Dr. Bailey seems to have mixed feelings as well, but she can’t have Alex working in the Hospital anymore for now so she gives him a job in The Clinic.

But this is not all that has been going on. Owen and Amelia are throwing a housewarming party. Seems a bit odd, but Maggie has a crush on Riggs and informs Meredith she wants to ask him out. This is kind of a problem, because Meredith has had her eye on Nathan herself (but she’s in denial). So Meredith tells Riggs to say no to Maggie to avoid any awkard situations in the future.

As for Jackson and April and their little newborn baby. April and Harriet are discharged, but April’s incision opens again and so she can’t go home with Jackson and the baby. April wouldn’t be fit enough to take care of Hariet by herself anyway. She isn’t strong enough yet to carry Harriet. As a solution Jackson asks April to temporary move in with him so she can recover and still spend time with Hariet.


S13E03 “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker”
Review: I ain’t no miracle worker refers to the patient, Georgia, that is brought in to the hospital, but comes back to life. Georgia was in a carcrash while being on the way to a funeral. Her whole family is in the hospital arguing who’s fault it’s been.

Also, Arizona is finally back in town and Arizona finds herself caught up between DeLuca and Alex. DeLuca is still her roommate and she likes him. Alex and Arizona go way back, but she is really, really mad at him for what he did. Alex knows this and is trying his best working in the clinic even though he hates it.

Meredith and Riggs are still drawn to each other while Maggie is also still has a crush on Riggs. She is still a bit surprised he turned her down when she asked him out. Meredith newest plan is to make Riggs go on a date with Maggie being the most awful company, so Maggie would not want to date him anymore.


S13E04 “Falling Slowly”
Review: Alex is struggling with his work in The Clinic. He finds it hard to not intervene with other patients and only do the non-surgical part. He is so caught up in diagnosing one of the patients that came in through the Clinic that he misses out on his appointment with his lawyer.

Jackson and April living in the same house means lots of fighting, but they do decide to continue living together. For now at least.

Also, there is some tension between Meredith and dr. Riggs which leads them to argue over a patient. Meredith is in charge and takes a decision that puts the patient at risk. Riggs and Meredith decide it’s best to not see each other anymore. Maggie notices Meredith is acting a bit weird, but she still doesn’t know about her and Riggs. Maggie does question Meredith about her romantic interests, but Meredith is assuring her she is not seeing anyone right now.


S13E05 “Both Sides Now”
Review: Dr. Bailey and Meredith both have liver transplant patient, but there is only one liver available. Meredith is treating a young woman, who could die any minute now, while dr. Bailey is treating an older woman who has been on the waiting list for some years. Dr. Bailey’s patient has no interest in helping anyone else but herself. She had been waiting for the liver and so she wants the available liver. Fortunately Meredith’s patient gets a liver as well at the end of the day.

In the meantime Amelia is walking around the hospital thinking she is pregnant and she is not sure whether or not to share the news with Owen. She goes to Meredith instead. Meredith tells Amelia to first take a pregnancy test before she goes around telling people she is pregnant, because she might not be. We also find out Amelia has been pregnant before. Her baby turned out to be born without a brain and so he died soon after he was born. Owen certainly doesn’t know about this. Amelia doesn’t want to tell him and when she finally takes the pregnancy test she is relieved to find out that she is actually not pregnant. But the babystory for Owen and Amelia probably will not end here.


S13E06 “Roar”
Review: Amelia is still a bit shaken up by the whole pregnancy thing. She’s having a hard time, mostly because the thought of being pregnant was a reminder, that she never wants to have to lose (chance of losing) her baby again. Of course she get’s a surgery case of a 12-year old and the boy dies on her table.

Other than that, Catherin Avery is back. She is checking up on the hospital and is questioning dr. Baileys decisions and authority. Catherin want dr. Bailey to fire Alex and she thinks the residency program needs a change. Dr. Bailey makes it very clear she is not going to fire Alex. After all that has happened dr. Bailey still thinks Alex is a good doctor. She will however hire someone to review the Residency program.


S13E07 “Why Try To Change Me Now”
Review: Around episode 7 Bailey brings in an consultant, Eliza, to improve the way things work around the hospital. Some things need to change around Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital especially the way they teach new doctors. Dr. Webber is in charge of the intern program and is not amused by the idea of changing things around. And he is not the only one. All doctors are on edge. But they may have to get used to Eliza, because chances are she is going to be working at Grey Sloan.

And who would have thought that April would have a Tinder profile? Arizona, Maggie and dr. Riggs find out she does. And so April and Jackson talk about dating other people and Jackson tells April to go for it.


S13E08 “The Room Where It Happens”
Review: Episode 8 brings back memories. Literally. It was a bit boring actually, because the whole episode was taking place during surgery. Meredith, Owen, Stephanie and dr. Webber are performing a late night surgery on a patient who’s name they don’t know. Dr. Webber tells everyone to give the patient a name and make up an identity for him. All doctors create different characters. During surgery the doctors get flashbacks to some defining moments in their life, in which the character they made up played a part. In the end, the game makes them better doctors.


S13E09 “You Haven’t Done Nothin’ ”
Review: And then in the mid-season finaly. I’ts all about Alex’s trial. Meredith and Alex talk about what is going to happen. Alex doesn’t know whether or not to take the plea deal. Jo is worried about having to take the stand as a witness during Alex’s trial. She still hasn’t told Alex that she is married and if she takes the stand, she would have to use her real name.

Meanwhile Eliza tells dr. Webber that she will basically be replacing him. But dr. Webber didn’t know yet, because dr. Bailey hadn’t told him yet about this change

Finally Jo ends up telling Alex the real story. Jo didn’t tell Alex earlier because she was afraid he would get angry an go look for her abusive husband an do something crazy and get himself in trouble. Well. I think she could have taken that risk. However, Alex does decide to take the plea deal after all. Meredith is trying to get a hold on him and leaves several voicemail messages telling him to not turn himself in, because that would mean she is the only one left from their group of interns.