The Goldbergs (S04E13) “Agassi”

Review: It’s Valentine’s Day and Erica still finds herself a little depressed about not being able to date Geoff. She has given up on love and the people around her just want the old Erica back. Mr. Glasscott plans an intervention with Barry’s interchangeable friends, Lainey and Murray and Beverly to help her out. It doesn’t work out so Beverly goes a step further and sets up a ‘mothervention’. To cheer her up, Beverly takes Erica disco dancing, which gives us a great scene with some nice dance moves from Wendi McLendon-Covey. But all this does is embarrass Erica and she’s still not happy. Evy’s pity finally inspires Erica to go back to who she was and throw a big disco party. And while Beverly opposes to the party because Erica took her mom’s credit card to pay for it, she does help out Erica by giving her the opportunity to have the party in the school. Erica is back to the person she was before all the Geoff drama, and while I don’t think this will be the last we’ve seen of this ongoing story, I do think it’s great that we finally get to see Erica back to being her old self again.

Meanwhile, Adam is disappointed that the days of making movies with his friend Chad are over now that Chad’s busy with tennis. To be able to spend more time with him, Adam joins the tennis team and suggests to be his double partner. Chad refuses that offer though because he doesn’t want to have a double partner right now (this was a nice play on a classic breakup scene), but when he later teams up with Dave Kim, Adam gets angry. He asks Barry for help to become the best tennis player of the school, but Adam discovers soon enough that Barry was probably not the right person to ask and that wearing an Andre Agassi mullet does not improve your tennis skills. Coach Mellor however loves Barry’s constant McEnroe-like freak-outs and lets the two Goldberg brothers win the game against Chad and Dave Kim. Chad gets mad at Adam for ruining tennis and their friendship, but the two friends eventually make up because it doesn’t matter where they are and what they do, they will always be Chadam.

Of course we’ve seen Adam dealing with growing up before, but I liked how this involved Chad. It’s interesting that he hasn’t been in too many episodes, but he does feel like a very important part of Adam’s life. I liked how this storyline played out and I thought Sean Giambrone did a great job this week. His struggle on the tennis field and just the jumping away from the ball was really hilarious and well played. I also loved the real footage at the end and the fact that the real Chad got a cameo playing Mr. Kremp.

I’m glad they finally addressed the phase Erica was in this season. This plot seems to be over for now, which is something I don’t mind, but I still need her and Geoff to become a thing in the distant future… We will hopefully see if and when that will happen in the next couple of weeks. The Goldbergs is back this Wednesday at 8/7c on ABC.

Rating: 8.5/10