Sleepy Hollow (S04E06) “Homecoming”

We’re headed back to Sleepy Hollow this week. Crane (Tom Mison), is STILL amazed at the amount of “provisions” available at local snack stores. He recaps what you had to do for a road trip during his time. He experiences “brain freeze.” Crane and Diana (Janina Gavankar) discuss how the Philosopher’s Stone really works and the human toll it would require.

brain freeze - Sleepy Hollow (S04E06) "Homecoming"

Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) returns to the field where the Demon entombed Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes). He summons him by slicing his hand and Jobe’s capsule appears. Dreyfuss cracks open the capsule. Although they are wearing winter clothes, Malcolm says “Let’s get out of here, it’s hotter than hell.” Apparently he can feel the proximity of hell.

malcolm saves jobe - Sleepy Hollow (S04E06) "Homecoming"

On the drive to Sleepy Hollow, Diana notes that it must be hard for him to come back. Crane recaps the difficult times, but also the good times – his friends and exposure to a new, interesting world. We see #TeamVault arrive at Sleepy Hollow. Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) and Alex (Rachel Melvin) are unimpressed, but Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) tells them a LOT of supernatural events are here and to be alert. Crane and Thomas arrive and Crane notes he’s happy that Jenny found the Judas Scepter to detect the piece of the Philosopher’s Stone that they are missing.

judas scepter in action - Sleepy Hollow (S04E06) "Homecoming"

Jenny is pulled to an area, but the Scepter is not able to focus. Alex notes that there might be interference.  The decide that comparing maps might allow them to correct for supernaturnal interference, but, unbeknownst to them, they’ve activated SOMETHING.

They return to Crane’s archive. It’s nice to visit this familiar place. Jenny sees Abbie’s stuff. Diana is worried that this is painful for Jenny, but Jenny says this is actually all good memories. They collect stuff to make a Faraday cage. Jenny tries to warn Alex and Jake that they are in real danger. Crane has revisited the casket of Washington’s letters, but finds a new cipher that he missed. He finds communication between Washington (Mark Campbell) and Banneker (Edwin Hodge) (yay, he’s back). Banneker recaps the plan to break the Stone up, with Banneker keeping a piece. But, Washington isn’t going to break it yet.

jenny looks at abbie stuff - Sleepy Hollow (S04E06) "Homecoming"

#TeamVault is led by the Scepter to a graveyard. While there, they locate the spot above where the Philosopher’s Stone is, but someone or thing is shooting arrows at them. An arrow strikes the Scepter, which dissolves. They depart quickly, rendezvousing back at the archives. They describe this entity, and Crane looks up what the creature is, and they figure out it is a Sphinx (non-metaphorical!).

They return to the cemetery with a plan for #TeamVault to distract the Sphinx above while Diana and Crane locate the Stone in the vault below. Diana probes Crane about the hurt he must feel over Washington’s betrayal. Crane deftly deflects, but Diana sees through this. Up top, Jake and Alex press Jenny to not block them out from helping. Jenny recognizes that she’s trying to protect them but they don’t want to be protected. The team distracts the Sphinx while Crane cracks one of the Sphinx’s riddles, and inside he finds the missing piece. Now that the talisman has been picked up by Crane, the Sphinx dissolves. The door to the room closes, but before Diana can unlock the riddle again, Jobe arrives and transports the piece over to himself and then he, Crane and the stone to a location prepared by Dreyfuss, who knows that it will take energy to use the Stone.

The team has researched the work Dreyfuss was doing so they know the location he prepared. Dreyfuss is remarkably self-aware that people of his stature are by definition self-involved. Dreyfuss acknowledges that he tried everything to extend his life, but then he heard about a 250 (well TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE, TO BE PRECISE) year-old man. So, in his research, he figured out about how Washington used the combination of the blood of Headless and Crane to activate the Stone for the greater purpose. Banneker knew that Crane was doomed but they share a deep bond. Dreyfuss has recreated the battlefield, and they await the remaining part of this – Headless (Marti Matulis)!

The team watches outside the tent, and they too see that Headless is there. Dreyfuss cuts Crane and Headless’ hands to provide a mixture of their blood. The blood mixes on the stone and turns to a yellow goo. Jobe mentions that it will take a ton of energy. Jenny shows up with Franklin’s lamp and sucks Jobe into it. The team sets charges all around while Diana holds a gun on Dreyfuss. Headless takes a swing at them, and Crane shoots at him, with a cool blue flame effect. They figure out that Headless is weak on the Stone, so the shots stop him. Dreyfuss gulps the transmogrified goo. The team sets off the charges from a safe distance and the tent blows up.

the lamp - Sleepy Hollow (S04E06) "Homecoming"

At her gravesite, Crane visits Abbie and recaps what’s been happening. The writers were prescient about the Cubs. Crane’s private convo shows he still deeply misses her, but that he’s not alone – he’s got a good group of friends and he found a Headless bobblehead. The team meets up in a bar, and Crane sees Washington on a quarter. He explains to Diana that he’s rethought about Washington and that the decision to sacrifice him might have won the war. He reassures Diana. Crane fondly remembers Abbie and the old team (and so do WE). Diana asks if Crane thinks Dreyfuss is really gone. NOPE! We see him emerge, pull a big sliver out, and instantly heal. Uh. Oh. But, he’s thrilled, and seemingly immortal. Apparently the power of the explosion provided the needed energy.  I’m sure we’ll see Dreyfuss again. Hopefully, we’ll see Jobe, too! He’s a great bad guy.

This show was very satisfying to long-time fans, because we were reassured that Crane still very much misses Abbie, and we finally got a glimpse of her and Joe Corbin in a flashback. The episode nicely wrapped up the Philosopher’s Stone storyline and converted an enemy into a very powerful recurring character. The special effects were fun to see and cleanly edited. Jenny and the rest of #TeamVault are gelling nicely. There isn’t too much of the “I’ve found the most powerful fixit there is” which runs shows into ever-escalating issues that are hard to sustain.

Grade: B+

Next Episode: “Loco Parentis” airs on Friday, February 17 at 9 p.m. on Fox