The Great Indoors (S01E12) “Paul’s Surprise”



This episode answers the age old question whether an otter’s face can be face swapped. Yes. Yes it can.

The office is alive with the sounds of otter admiration and the impending re-engagement party that Brooke (Susannah Fielding) and her fiancé Paul (Andrew Leeds) are putting on. In fact we actually get to meet the infamous Paul in this episode and shocker, he’s not a cat (although that is rather questionable at times). Asked to be on his best behaviour, Jack (Joel McHale) just can’t seem to contain himself. He is asked by Paul to read out Roland’s speech at the party. You know that can only end in disaster.

While Jack is trying to wrap his mind around behaving in front of such a big crowd, the millennial’s are set with their own task, making a slide show for the party. And since this is a sitcom, you know it can never be that simple and instead of spending time on the slideshow they are distracted by who is the boss of whom. Spoiler alert. Jack is the boss of them all.

Fast forward to the “re-engagement” party, which is of course held at Eddie’s bar. Jack seems to be on his best behavior, until he starts reading the novella that Roland has written. It’s full of touching sentiments and adoration for Brooke, which all seems to be too much for Jack to handle. Which is made present when Jack decides to go off the script and turn it into an impromptu comedy hour. Instead of behaving he ends up roasting Paul so badly that he runs off to go drink in central park with the pigeons.

The fact that Jack basically ruined the party doesn’t seem to bother him, until the whole office seems to be giving him the cold shoulder. Even Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is usually on Jack’s side, not this time. Instead of shrugging it off he actually pulls up his big boy pants and apologizes to Brooke and even seeks out Paul to apologize to him, which of course goes off in the wrong direction giving Paul the wrong idea that there is some forbidden office romance going on between Jack and Brooke.

Jack comes to the realization that the reason he has been behaving in such a manner is because deep down inside he want’s what Paul and Brooke have. Instead of seeking out happiness of his own he is trying to sabotage those around him. Jack seems to be really good at that, but in a gesture of sincerely being sorry he surprises Brooke and Paul with a trip to New Orleans.

Maybe he isn’t such an emotional otter after all.

As the show progresses so does the development of the characters. It will be interesting to see what else they get themselves into.


Rating: 8/10


Next Episode airs on Thursday, February 16th 8:30/7:30c on CBS