Family Guy: (S15E12) “Peter’s Def Jam”

Sitting in the Drunken Clam, Peter begs the question, “Do homeless people have sex?”  Then they agree “rambling boring conversations” like this, could be food for a podcast show. So they do it. Just like that!

The premise is to ask a question & the guys answer it for a healthy conversation. ”Thanks for the Clamories” takes off @ The Drunken Clam. The first time out is a disaster of Cleveland proportions, literally. Having not established clearer guidelines, Cleveland absorbs the show with his nonsensical life time story about Velcro. The answer was to be a  “yes or no!”

They’re then asked to DJ at a local club, when Peter accidentally, mixes “The Gambler” to a hip hop beat. Being “a guy with a laptop & inflated self image” makes Petah perfect to the task of club life. Yet when approached by the cocaine addict, club manager to go solo, he accepts; leaving the guys out. The guys break up.

 However, they make up when Peter thinks he’s going deaf from the loud music and they agree to help him out at the Electric Clam Festival. The show was a bust in typical Peter fashion, when he played an of Chelsea Handler. The crowd scattered. Later they find this newly acquired “ear cripple” was only  “oxy… cotton” It seems Peter had forgotten he’d put it in his ears. It was safely removed without incident. 

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Meg has a crew hair cut & Lois has a newly acquired allergy.  Encouraged by Chris, who appears to have a problem with Brian, Lois asks Brian to room with Stewie. Apparently she is now allergic to her dog. Hey, it happens.

However, the room mate situation doesn’t work out for these “Best friends for life”  Brian is a pig and so are his friends. Stewie wants him out. Refusing to leave, Stewie brings home a ferret to make it happen. (‘Still wondering where Stewie gets the money to purchase anything, and who drives him when Brian doesn’t? me too!). They windmill fight until Lois arrives, welcoming Brian back into their room.  Peter had put hay in the pillows, trying something new he’d seen on cartoons. The boys make up, while drowning the ferret in the bathtub.

The celebrity jabs actually made the episode for me.  There seemed to be a lot more this time. Not so funny, yet definitely shocking. A couple of them did give a chuckle and an “Oh, no you didn’t!” For example:

The guys remember when they went bird watching and found the yellow headed puffin face.(NBA icon, Larry Bird) And Quagmire states, “when he wants to see a black guy ramble like a lunatic, he’ll watch “Family Feud” (Steve Harvey) On Drinking vodka & Gatorade… could it be P’Diddy-Puff Daddy,  Jay Z or the other 20 or so rappers, with alcohol brands?  Then there’s John Travolta, a pilot and his suggestion to relax and take off ya’wig to be gay at certain altitudes. Tom Sizemore & his Game of Life board game, had the longest “toast”, because each piece on the game board had history; like a ladle in the bathroom for example. And Stewie had a recurring Flea (himself) problem, thanks to Brian and his messiness. 

They threw Chelsea Handler under the bus, in;  aforementioned. Apparently she has a talent for packing and putting away items in an area used for coitus. And this was way too much information in an attempt to make me laugh. Yet that’s Family Guy, known to have no chill and an equal opportunity to roast and offend.  It’s amazing what one can do with a rumor…or not.

Honorable mention to Disney Cruises, a place Peter compares to the loss of his friends and hearing loss.  There’s also their sponsor, the  United States Post Office, who are of most service when leaving expensive items on your porch, to be lost or stolen.  I’ll add Fed Ex here.

 All in all, it’s worth the eye strain.  Anytime we can laugh at ourselves, especially during this time of over the top anger, name calling, agitation and hatin’; it’s a good thing.  Rumor, “truth” or not; it aint that serious.  I’m actually looking forward to next week and who’s on the Seth carpet. 

New episodes of Family Guy usually air, Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m, Pacific Time