HTGAWM (S03E12): “Go Cry Somewhere Else”

Review: Previously on htgawm, the K5 became the K4 (+ Oliver and Wes’s baby), Frank confessed to Wes’s murder but got charged as Annalise’s co-conspirator instead, and Meggy was acting as sketchy as everyone else.

With Frank charged as Annalise’s co-conspirator, a court hearing is scheduled so Bonnie can try to get Annalise’s charges dropped. Frank, who only confessed to take the heat off Annalise, even instructs his lawyer to act against his best interests. But to no avail, as Annalise’s bail continues to be denied.

Sitting in the crowd at the hearing, are both of Annalise’s parents. Last time we saw them, Annalise found out they were back together. This time, Annalise’s mother, Ophelia, is showing early signs of dementia. Because of this, she’s convinced she’s the one who burned down Annalise’s house – much like she burned down her house years ago to hurt Vernon, Annalise’s uncle who abused her as a child. Ophelia is determined to get Annalise released from jail, even if that means confessing to the crime herself.

Missing from Annalise’s hearing, are the students. It’s the morning of Wes’s memorial and it’s attracted a lot of memorial groupies – people who didn’t even really know Wes yet showed up just to be part of the tragedy. Understandably so, Laurel isn’t having it. She flips out on everyone at the memorial and leaves, barefoot, searching for a better way to grieve. Her journey takes her to the morgue, where the lady who’s “going to hell someday” won’t let Laurel see Wes’s body, despite the ‘pregnant girlfriend’-card. Fortunately, Laurel has friends in high places in the form of Nate, who pulls some strings so they can have a Dead Wes Viewing/Crying Party.

Which sounds better in theory than in practice, because when they take the body bag out of the fridge, we’re not blessed by the sight of Alfie Enoch, but instead some random body, as the DA’s office has mysteriously “misplaced” Wes’s body. I… was not surprised. Who wants to place bets on Wes maybe even faking his death altogether?

With Wes’s body now missing, Laurel wanders home, where she sleeps with Michaela. Unfortunately for some shippers out there, there was actual sleep involved. I’m convinced that the one and only upside to Wes’s death is this renewed, deepened friendship between Laurel and Michaela.

The next day, Laurel’s search for Wes continues. Nate arranges a meeting between her and Frank in jail, where she asks him point-blank if he’s behind Wes’s murder and the disappearance of his body. Frank’s response or lack thereof is enough to convince her he really didn’t do it and doesn’t know.

But if it wasn’t Frank, then who? Could it have been Connor, who Laurel calls out on the way he’s still treating Wes, even in death? Or maybe Meggy, who’s somewhere looming in the background, probably digging for dirt? Or maybe even Drake-not-the-rapper, who we’d almost forgotten about? Heck, it could even be Oliver, who – after lying to the cops – comes to the realization that he is, in fact a very talented liar.

Regardless of who did it, for Annalise, the disappearance of Wes’s body could not have come at a better time. To catch the DA’s office red handed, Bonnie requests a second autopsy. With no choice but to come clean, could the DA’s mistake lead to Annalise’s charges getting dropped? No – not even this ends up convincing the judge.  

When all else fails, Annalise provokes her cellmate into beating her up! Her injuries are severe enough for Bonnie to use against the DA’s office. Because of this, the charges against Annalise are finally dropped. In a sad scene, Annalise shares this news with her mother, who’s still seeing the younger Annalise who has things like marriage and children still ahead of her. If she only knew… 

Later, Bonnie gets a call from Frank, who’s fired his lawyer and decided to represent himself. What could possibly go wrong there? Frank representing himself is a true loophole, as it gives Frank the opportunity to privately communicate with Bonnie.

While Michaela and Oliver end the day in the arms of their partners – with Oliver admitting to Connor that he’s saved a copy of the data on Annalise’s phone – Laurel is left alone. She finds herself in front of Wes’s door, where the seal on the door has already been broken. She goes in anyway and finds the place ransacked and messy. Still, for Laurel it’s the right place to be, as she finds one of Wes’s shirts and clings to it.

Finally, at the DA’s office, Nate confronts Atwood and the DA about Wes’s missing body. They reveal that they know exactly who was behind it: Nate! In a shocking twist, they show Nate the papers he’s supposedly signed to have Wes’s body transferred to another location.

And with that, Nate gets added to our list of suspects.

In the flashbacks of Wes, we first see him trying to escape from Frank, who’s tailing him. He gets a cab to the Keating residence. On the way there, he sadly ignores Laurel’s call and dials another number instead, telling the mystery person that “It’s Christophe”. Well, if he’s using his actual name, then it must be important!

When Wes gets to the Keating residence, guess who’s there to greet him? Nate, of course!