Bob’s Burgers (S07E09) “Bob Actually”

Plot Summary:

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the kids find themselves in love-caused chaos; Bob decides on a romantic gesture to impress Linda.


This week’s episode is full of funny moments. What makes it better is that it was their annual Valentine’s Day celebration episode. What I love about this episode is the fact that everyone had their own special stories.

Lets start with the hopeless romantic of the Belcher family, Tina!  She decides the night before Valentine’s to have a chili eating contest with Louise and Gene, which she won. But she still ends up losing, it causes her to have diarrhea.  But even though she feels sick all day she’s still determined to have a great Valentine’s day. Especially when Jimmy Jr. asks her to meet him for a Valentine’s surprise.

Of course Tina will never let anything keep her from Jimmy Jr. but diarrhea did give her a few set backs.

Jimmy Jr.’s surprise was to share a sky kiss with her. But sadly Tina is unable to jump up and down. She runs off to the restroom sad because she might not get that kiss. Just when she was about to give up she finds stilts.

Happily Tina got to share a sky kiss with her long time love Jimmy Jr.  Next let’s take a look at Louise’s love story.

At school Louise has a weird conversation with regular sized Rudy. It leaves her trying to figure out what is going on. She thinks he’s going to confess his love for her. So when he asks to see her at lunch she freaks out a tiny bit.

When he asks her to pass along a love note to a fellow classmate she gets a little relieved and then sad she didn’t get the card and flowers. So she reluctantly passes the card and flowers on and gets mad at the girl when she acts like she doesn’t care.

Later Rudy tells Louise that he wants to meet the girl after school to share his first kiss with her. Knowing the girl wouldn’t show up, Louise goes to meet up with her friend Rudy. Where she decides to plant a kiss on him.

While Louise was sharing a kiss with Rudy, Gene was falling in love with the new substitute lunch lady.

Hanging out with her and helping her in the kitchen makes him have a little day dream.

But at the end of the day she leaves him for her boyfriend and Gene is left alone with a spoon covered in chocolate.

Now we all know from past Valentine’s episodes of Bob’s Burgers that Bob has had no luck when it comes to doing something romantic for Linda. But this year he decided to surprise her with learning how to dance. He was going to try learning ballroom but the teacher was not there. So he gets stuck learning something completely different.

He takes a Hip Hop class. It wasn’t exactly what he was hoping to learn. As he was trying to Hip and Hop Linda was left at the restaurant alone for the lunch rush. There she encountered a sad woman crying over a break up she had. Telling Linda her ex was at Jimmy Pesto’s . So Linda decides to help her get over her ex by going and getting her ex for her.  After trying to trying to help the woman she gets a call from Bob to go outside for her Valentine surprise.

She loves her surprise from Bob!

This new episode definitely didn’t disappoint. It was filled with a lot of funny moments and was another great Valentine’s episode. Check it out if you haven’t yet.