Chicago Fire (S05E13): “Trading in Scuttlebutt”

“Trading in Scuttlebutt” was a transformative episode for Chicago Fire – so much so that all of the characters are now displaced among different firehouses and jobs across the city.

I am so curious to see how this will play out in the next episodes. Chief’s job is clearly up in the air, for some annoying reasons of course. This switch up also offers Severide more incentive to move to Springfield for his next job opportunity (and to be closer to his love interest Anna). I really like Severide and Anna together, but it is sad that he would have to leave. Also, if he could just get back with Kidd, they’d be so cute together. So, it’s confusing and I think the writer’s have cleverly made the audience as conflicted about the love triangle as Severide.

I’m really excited about Brett’s character development. Her break up with Antonio is clearly taking a toll on her, and her coping mechanisms are hilarious. I don’t know about you all, but I’m still holding out for Brett and Antonio to get back together because their relationship was so short and naive, but I think here was a connection that can be built upon once they are both more mature about Antonio’s situation with his ex-wife.

This episode challenged character relationship and job security, both equally entertaining aspects of the show.

Rating: B+