This Is Us (S01E15) “Jack Pearson’s Son”

If you were hoping for some Valentine moments that will warm you heart this week, think again my friend.

“Jack Pearson’s Son” is just another great episode but this time we get to see an uglier side to Jack and Rebecca’s relationship. Furthermore, Randle has been pushed to his limit when everything has been put in front of him. And a wedding is pushed back until Kate and Toby learn more and more about themselves.

Let’s start with the couple that had a pretty good track record for romantic memorable moments. This is isn’t the episode for us to say I wish we were like them. We finally get to see some downfall of jealously when Jack learns that Rebecca’s going on tour with the band and one of them was a ex-boyfriend she dated.

After Rebecca’s concert at the bar, Jack has a one on one talk with the guy and let’s just say that it didn’t end well for Jack and noting violent had happen too. But Jack decided that he didn’t want to go to their place every year they go on Valentine’s Day eating back cheeseburgers and such. I’ll have to side with Rebecca on this argument that he might be over thinking the whole dating thing if it was only a short two months.

Besides Jack and Rebecca, Randal and Kevin moment has to be the most memorable one to date and for this week. I literally wanted to call my brother and see how he’s doing.

When things just seem to pile on to Randal from work, William, and even Kevin’s debut play. It gets to be overwhelmed and the one person that seem to calm him down would be Jack talking to him. With Kevin, not seeing it at first, but tries to not get scared of opening night, he gets the one advice from the one person that he doesn’t like, Miguel.

Miguel tells Kevin that when he sees him he sees his best friend, Jack and hopes that when he talks to Kevin that there’s some Jack in him to do what Jack would do. During opening night as the show was about to begin, Kevin thinks about what would his dad do and instead of performing the play, he ran to Randal’s side, knowing that he needs him more than ever, and rushes to his side and hugs him. Just bring out the god damn tissues.

Kate and Toby takes their relationship to a new level and tries to learn about each other before their summer wedding but Toby decides that it would be best for them to take their time. Thank god!!!!

This was another home run episode!!! It had all the laughs, dramatic moments that you want to be in that conversation with the characters. And yes there were tissue moments too. I couldn’t get enough of Mandy Moore in this episode but it was Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley’s performance that really send this episode to the top of my emotion list. As much as Kevin might be a pain in the butt at times, and I know because I feel like I’m both Kevin, Randal and Kate at times, that he’s learning more and more about how to be a better person. The writing was solid as ever along with the other casting performances too.

What did you think of Tuesday’s episode? Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment!

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