This Is Us (S01E14) “I Call Marriage”

Love, divorce, reunions and griefs touch this episode through and through.

“I Call Marriage” is another beautiful installment of how Jack and Rebecca’s love for each other shows on screen. To me, I just want to give them the biggest bear hug every time I seen them at an heartwarming moment. Nevertheless, there are serious concerns ahead for Randle and happy moments for now with Kevin and Kate.

Let’s start off with Jack and Rebecca, who we see in the past that they just got married and Jack’s best man and friend, Miguel gives the best man speech. The speech becomes what is true about the newly happy couple but years later when Jack and Rebecca meet up with Miguel and his wife for the first time since they’ve been busy with their own things and kids, they get news about them two getting a divorce.

Jack later asked Miguel how did they know, Miguel responded that it just sort of happens. Jack thinks of something very nice and romantic for Rebecca to prove that their love isn’t dying that every day is a new adventure. He takes her to their first apartment where they lived (how lovely right?). But before taking off, Rebecca and her band gets the word that they’re gonna play more but she has to get Jack’s approval after all e’s putting in more hours and letting her still follow her dream. But that will be for the next episode.

Along with that, Kevin and Sophie finally reunited after 12 years apart. He tells her that he still wants to be with her but for her, she doesn’t seem to want to go down that road again. After all, she was in a dark time when they divorce from moving back with her parents.  But after being stuck in the subway, calming her down, things might look bright for them after all, she did come back to their restaurant and spot.

Toby visits Kate for the day and is introduced to Duke, the one that has hit on Kate since she got there, and the two had a nice chat (nothing violent). But after hearing what he said, Toby decided to take a day and try some of the classes along with Kate, making her feel awkward but the two talked and it was about time that Toby tells her that she needed to give instead of take, take, take most of the time. I’ve realized that a lot through this season, even though a small amount has been giving. But Toby pulls out his grandmother’s wedding ring and I guess you can all it a proposal.

Randle on the other hand, is dealing with grief and other things. Trying to suck it up might be the best used to describe him in this episode. When his oldest daughter is up late with William learning about chess because she’s in a tournament that day, he plays out that William will be fine and lets move one.  Then comes work and when it came to him and his co-worker trying to settle a deal with a client, he wanted to be there more than his family and supporting his daughter. Good news, he missed the meeting and went to his daughter’s match, for which she won. But it’s the way he’s been treating the girls, his wife about William that really gets me that he must be in denial but also showing signs of something else like shaking in his hands.

I enjoyed this episode enough to say it might be one of my favorite because I loved Kevin/Sophie story and not to mention Jack and Rebecca as well. The writing was good, there was a lot of really good moments that made me laugh, like Kevin telling Sophie about how he’s Facebook friends with her under a different name.

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